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In the last week we’ve had the Boston Marathon Bombings, which ironically happened to be on the same day as the questionable tax day (April 15) legislation, which led to the USA’s involvement in WWI (Progressive Democrat was the President at the time and a known racist, Woodrow Wilson), after all we needed a funding mechanism for the Ivy League Grads to peruse their global interests. What better way than create a tax system that punishes the workers and rewards inherited wealth than the passage of the 16th amendment (i.e., NE IVY League old money), just saying…I know longer believe in coincidences that my government approved textbooks long ago said were false as I’ve read John Taylor Gatto like everyone should. Just because the government says it is true doesn’t mean it is so…………

Alex Jones is on his usual kick about the Boston Bombings being a False Flag operation and the mainstream media is pissing all over themselves in a strong wind with false and contradicting stories and crossing their progressive leftist fingers in hopes it was a ‘Tea Party’ follower who did it. Well it wasn’t, to their dismay, it was those peaceful religious bastards from the East who practice Islam who decided to once again blow some people up, just like communists perfected in Russia about a 100 years ago. This seems to be the common denominator across the globe; from India to Spain to the UK to the US it is always the followers of the peaceful religion of Islam (what a sham) who are doing their best to spread their disease of utopia. Ironically, their version of world domination doesn’t differ much from their allies who reside in the Statist asylums of academia whom crawl out of the woodworks every time to support their tax payer funded jihad brothers against the supposed economic freedoms of the West, which are supported by the likes of Freidman, Hayek, and Mises. Islam, like the political ideals of Communism and Socialism, which are practiced regularly throughout the USA and the EU, and are reinforced through the educational process (hallmark of Communism), these ideas support the State over the Individual at all costs and that is why they are allies against individual human progress.

So, if what Alex Jones says is true and it false flag government op why blame the Chechnya’s and not Joe Bob from Appalachia from Eastern Kentucky who hates the IRS, especially on illegal confiscation day? Did the narrative go so wrong? I think Infowars.com has some validity as the best article I ever read on Pakistan was on that website and anyone who questions the narrative of the government is OK in my book, but my beef comes from government ran schooling and their propaganda artists (teachers) insistence that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are solvent, but then again the teachers are paid for by government ran theft programs (forced taxation) so I see why they are loyal and still foolishly believe their pensions are solvent, as in the end they’ll be screwed over just like the military, police and firefighters and the rest of the taxpayers, after all only the politicians will see that their retirements are secure and they are exempt from the beauty of gov’t ran healthcare (before they see the noose).

Really what I get from www.infowars.com is an appreciation from the commentators who tell a different story, a story not sanctioned by government paid actors and government approved textbooks for government sanctioned and mandated schools who have a different story to tell. Who knows which side is telling the truth but I figure it is somewhere in the middle and all I really know is the that government lied and people died. This isn’t a common occurance like in Iraq (by a Republican) but it also happened in Vietnam (by a Democrat) but in America too because people still stupidly believe in the lies of Progressive Federal promises like Social Security and Obamacare, which will only lead to sorrow and death, all brought upon by the progressive Ivy League Elites (Bush, Clinton, Johnson, Obama, Carter, etc…).

There is zero difference between the Republicans and Democrats of DC, they only wish to enslave the masses of the USA, just like the EU does to their member states.

The Kansas Kracker