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Mayor Bloomberg, in his Napoleon quest for world domination, said the US Constitution must change. Like the ill-informed elitist 1% allies, he forget that we don’t give a shit about calorie counts and sodium content so why don’t the people rise up, like they did in France?

We haven’t had that moment yet. I dislike the French Revolution but ours will be different. This is the culmination of the governments overreach over the last 150 years. Our country is bankrupt because of these people whom enrich themselves on the back of the people, like Unions. The people have had enough and should no longer suffer while the connected few live the pampered (not Miller) Hi-life.

The poor suffer from their bondage of government subsidies for votes so they for generations no longer look for work. Our government is broke but people go to work every day, as there is still a strong class of people who believe in honesty, unlike Congress. Most Americans send their kids off to school, and I’ll soon be one, to be educated by people whose salary (and alleged pension) is paid for by confiscated (property tax) funds.

Obviously these people are employed and paid for by agents of the State and have an inherent conflict with myself but Dictator Bloomberg and the 80% NY kids who can’t read get a free pass or critique so the world must be good. I’m not against sending your kids to school just inform them of the purpose, and it isn’t for a bumper sticker, but rather to conform to government stupidity. I should know as I am one.

The Kansas Kracker