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Schooling must be good as it promotes self-esteem over accomplishments and they even provide bumper stickers. I’m also shocked that most children and parents don’t understand the evils of John Dewey (yes the John Dewey of the Dewey Decimal System, the guy that visited China, Russian and Germany the leaders of death in the 20th Century). I believe in common denominators.

Most American don’t realize the progressive tax system was set up to make both parents work so the State could influence their children while they were at work. If that didn’t work we’d throw the dad (preferably black/African Americans) in jail on petty charges and then have the mom abort as many children as they could in the name of women rights (for a proper dollar amount), hell we’d even underwrite planned parenthood with taxpayer dollars that has killed more black babies that Hitler could imagine. If killing children didn’t work then we’d support gays and Muslims, which ironically hate each other, but they both stupidly vote Democrat like the women we’ve exploited since 1920.

It is amazing what a movement can do when they forcibly steal money for the ignorant classes.

What else can we do? We’ve destroyed everything we’ve ever touched but since we control the government, the media and schools we have a monopoly on the lower classes and since we hate the human race through our green movement we’ll never lose another election while enriching ourselves at the proles expense. The people are dumb for a reason, we did it on purpose.

The Democrats