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Al Gore make 100’s of millions with the corporate firm called Apple. (and I thought money was bad(

Nikki Haley shows class and doesn’t respond to racist Democrat remarks. Why do the Democrats hate foreigners?

Freedom is dead, especially in the EU: Check out this story on Monsanto, this is why capitalism has never existed in your lifetime because large organizations kill competion by sleeping with enemy (gov’t).  Boycott both this organization and any government if you ever want to claim freedom in your lifetime.

Seven year old suspended from gov’t ran firm for using pencil as a gun. If this poor boy got raked over the coals what will become of our government promised retirement benefits that are insolvent?  Obviously you can’t trust their promised schooling and ‘benefits’ so why do we believe DC at all?

Hillary Clinton lied? I as an American would never believe a Clinton to lie to the public but for once Bill and Hillary have something in common, pergury. Both have now lied to the American public for political gain. Benghazi should be her prison sentence but like a good Democrat, they only prosecute black american males for petty drug crimes who still vote multiple times for those white americans who screw them over time and again.

Good luck America, we all need it. The Progressives and frauds run our world and our only fight is to ignore them and spit on them. They control the schools, our goverment and everything in between and fight them by doing the opposite of what they want.  TWILL is my weekly cliff notes on the lunacy of what society has become, and I’ll post other things as well. Just wake up and use the best word in the English language against these a**holes, Just say NO. If the gov’t wants you to go left then go right, if they want you to go forward, go backward.

The Kansas Kracker