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The only thing the average American knows over all the years is that the District of Columbia (D.C. – The Devil’s Corner) is inhabitated by criminals and liars. There are a few good Congressman but not many. The ratio is 20% good to 80% bad, just use the Pareto Principle. These people steal from us, they lie to us, and rob all of us of our labor.

Now they want to bring in as many Democrats as possible with ‘False Federal Benefits.’ I find amnesty very funny as all the legal immigrants I know, including my wife hate those who short cut the system. So if the implied goverment system says come on in why should we obey any law, especailly the 16th amendment. The unions goons want it to increase thier membership in the SEIU but the idiot union members in blue collar jobs fail to see their mafia bosses motifs as their pay will only decrease as labor supply increases. Unions are great and their members are idiots as their high paying jobs will go to the new 3rd world members of society. Do I feel sorry for them, NO, as their bosses lied to them and they can’t read a supply and demand graph as all their promises go out the window through ill gotten or bancrupcy contracts nullified by the courts. I can’t think of a better outcome myself. What I’m saying is that those who say they love you hate you. In 1965 the Democrats and Ted Kennedy said bring in the cheap 3rd world labor to screw over the union labor so I can get a kick back and now they are doing it again but you are too brainwashed to realize you own demize was  implemented by your supposed allies. So, the people you loved sold you out and now you need to get even.

The Kansas Kracker