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Who am I, no one really but just a women/guy slave who is pissed off that my life has been regulated to tracking from birth and I’ve been lied to by a bunch of bureaucrats from K-12 and beyond. At least I realized the lies but most don’t. Most individuals get a bumper sticker and their family is thrilled and neither realizes the lie of conformity. We as individuals, as families, as communities and as a nation fail to connect the dots of ill will that our bureaucratic masters try and impose upon us. We settle for jobs that illegally tax our labor and make us all slaves and then watch our children participate in athletic events that sing the Star Spangled Banner which professes the lies of our ‘land of the free.’

I realize I’m probably a heretic from the left and the right but if we want to reclaim the Republic we should stop singing the Star Spangled Banner. Once this happens then I will again see hope for the Republic.

Today the actions of the IRS are clear that they aren’t a gov’t agency but a DNC Communist subsidiary. This outfit clearly violated the law to benefit a particular (DNC) electorate and if I was affiliated with a violated tea party organization I’d find a good lawyer to sue the United States (not that means anything today) Gov’t under the RICO Act, as this (IRS) gov’t agency clearly influenced an election illegally at the behest of either the Executive or the DNC operatives in the Legislative branch of our criminal government.

In the last week we know of the lies of Benghazi, the IRS and the DOJ (Department of InJustice) tapping phones to spy on the press. America today looks like the East Germany of 1950. I’m so sick of Americans saying we are free when we are broke. We have more college educated individuals who can’t do basic math and haven’t a clue that Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid are broke but yet go off to work to get taxed even further to try and pay off their gov’t provided college loans.

If America is to be a shining light for the proletariat class to exceed it is time for the IRS to go the way of the dinosaurs so American’s and go getting immigrants can get back to work and making the world right again and freeing the people from bureaucratic tyranny.

The Kansas Kracker