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The Progressive IRS only targets Conservative and Libertarian groups: I realize this is a little old but again the IRS influenced an election illegally. What do you do when they come for you. Laugh I guess as they are nothing but the American Gestapo.  A bunch of Nazi Brown Shirts or Commie KGB agents who come to steal your life’s worth. Not if but when it happens to me I’ll volunteer for Jr. America (again, they didn’t like my points that I got from John Taylor Gatto and that college is now designed to make you in debt most of your adult life and teach you very little, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church, Dave Ramsey, a blog (https://bureaucraticslave.wordpress.com) or anybody that will listen, it shouldn’t be that hard today to convince people the gov’t is the new Mafia….they run the same scams. Hell, read Gary North or anybody that isn’t Ivy League MSM).

Immigration Reform: I don’t know what the hell immigration reform means but my legal immigrant wife my have a few ideas. Today, we don’t want the best and brightest, on the left who think long-term they want loyal welfare voters who’ll vote Democrat for the next 3 generations and on the Right they think short-term and want cheap labor, which get paid better and have working conditions that are better than in their own country. Who is the bad guy, the guy who wants profit or the guy who destorys? The loser in the long-run is the American who believed their gov’t was honest. What a bunch of Bullshit.

Robinhood in New Hampshire:  Remember students of gov’t indoctrination centers (aka schools) The gov’t is never greedy only rich business capitalist and those who are connected to DC (GE Jeffery Immelt (Poison Ivy League grad, like Bush, Kerry, Gore and Obama) comes to mind, so does Jon Corzine. Well, a town in NH said we are going to sue those who are doing a good deed because of our greed is greater than our good and that in a nut shell describes gov’t in American in the 21st Century.

New York Ghetto Tours cancelled: The Bureaucrats of America teamed up and screamed loudly to stop the entrepreneurial tours to show the world their fine handy work. I guess we could take them to Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and a plethora of other cities but again they’d cry the free market is exploiting their art work. Perhaps Paris and Stockholm (I’m Swedish by heritage but not by clouded thought) could begin tours to show the destruction of the underclass, aka Muslim foreigners destroying private property or property bought from stolen funds (welfare). These aren’t the only cities but TRUTH like cream eventually rises to the top after being suppressed by progressive elitists. When will these calderas explode? Probably when the brainwashed youth wake up and realize they’ve been lied to. I’ll hold my breath for another generation.

German Homeschool Family Deported: The land of the free no longer exists but anyone with their eyes open could see this. Obama and the legal Nazis have seen fit to continue to enact NAZI laws by discriminating against a German family who sought asylum because they no longer trusted the State (A Church unto itself with its own corrupt clergy and universities) to educate their children. This wonderful family faces the same ire those who homeschool their children in the US. I find it highly ironic that most spelling bee champs and excelling students are all homeschooled and most are of the Indian or Asian families. What do they know that we fail to recognize? Maybe we should sanction and seek taxpayer dollars for more State sponsored indoctrination centers we could label Madrassas instead of schools for diversity purposes. Sweden and Germany have the same laws against homeschooling the US is following it their Harvard NAZI path footsteps (Stephen H. Norwood).

Venezuela Runs out of TP: With our current crop of Poison Ivy League intellectuals running the show out of DC and New York our shortage of Toilet Paper will soon show up on our radar screens. Don’t expect MSNBC to report on our governments responsibility in this shortage that will be blamed on George W. Bush by this administration. My advice is to run to Costco and SamsClub and load up for the hell that will follow. As much as those two organizations are in bed with gov’t, at least they provide products worth using…for the time being (maybe both should realize the people make them profitable and not their coziness to scum of DC).

Secret Emails: Kathleen ‘Succubus’ Sebelius of the Orwellian named bureaucracy of Health and Human Services which does nothing of the sort denied she used a secret email. Like the EPAs, Lisa Jackson she is lying like a bitch in heat. She tried to shake down H&R Block which is ironic because they do taxes and would be an ideal collection point of information and I believe Warren Buffet’s outfit (Berkshire Hathaway) owns part of H&R Block and we know how cozy he is with this administration and his long history of profit through government connection runs. I’m surprised he wasn’t invited to England to partake in the Bilderberg Confab of insider information to profit off of gov’t sanctioned favouritism at the expense of the proletariat.

This administration like bureaucracies worldwide know not the meaning of the word transparency. Do you trust any of them. NO, none of us do so why do we put up with their shit. They all live at the expense of the under and middle classes of which they designed via progressive taxes, see the criminal antics of the IRS. They’ve purposely created more underclass subjects to be at war with the middle class and created crappy courses at universities to protect themselves from their ire and to deflect blame for their economic situations caused by the ‘ruling’ class. Their desire is power and their approach is a classical Marxist class warfare system where they support the underclass, which they’ve created in mass, to destroy the bourgeois, their sworn enemy. They hate everyone who produces which is everyone but themselves, outside of what they’ve inherited. If the underclass ever realizes that their interest and the middle classes interest align, it will be the death throw for the political/academic class and that is why they stir up hatred between the two classes.

The Kansas Kracker