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In Edward Snowden’s interview with The Guardian’s, Glenn Greenwald, he says he was honored that Dick Cheney called him a Traitor. I remember when Bill Clinton/Al Gore campaign was caught selling secrets for money to China to fund the DNC’s nefarious operations but never heard the MSM call him a Traitor. Now the left and supposed right (Bush/Cheney) are in cahoots to protect not Obama but to protect the Orwellian nature of the State. The data collected is meant to do one thing and that is to blackmail any of us for any reason. I figure this is why The Congress acts the way it does, in their own selfish interest to not represent the people but to protect the apparatchik.

The reason why the MSM is protecting Obama is because he is a Democrat, as with the Rosenbergs they are still claiming their innocence but Ed crossed the line and instead of helping the Communist party, he tried to help the people.

I’m sure Ed is a traitor based upon the laws, but remember that Robin Hood stole not from the rich to give to the poor but he stole from the government to return what properly belonged to the people. But I’m sure Robin Hood would be labeled a traitor today if he stole from the government and not from some evil rich person who created a product that benefited the masses. Then again, the only rich people today are those who run a business who is somehow connected to Big Brother Largeness.

The Kansas Kracker