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The Gang of Eight and the Senate have again screwed over the American public yet again, and this continues a long tradition set by the Senate since the passage of the 17th amendment. It was reported this bill weighed 24 pounds, and I do not find it ironic that the bigger the bill the more John and Jane Q public get screwed (e.g. The Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare).

America has record high unemployment, public debt, a crappy housing market but perhaps that is their reason, special interest to bring in all these ‘new’ Americans with free money stolen from taxpayers to revive the housing market while increasing the labor supply which will further depress wages and increase unemployment (good luck you liberal college grads as you get what you voted for). The DNC go to Labor Unions are going to get screwed in the long run so maybe that is the silver lining, but once again the Progressive Politicians f*ck over the common man, so Uncle Sam I say keep those lube free sodomies coming.

The Kansas Kracker