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Again, this is going to be a painful two week excursion backwards.

Bill Nye the Science Guy gives a graduation speech telling the grads to change the world by fighting overpopulation. Why doesn’t he lead the way and off himself to set a precedent to these recent progressive lemmings?

I’ve noticed an uptick in PSAs regarding bullying. How can the gov’t in good faith put these out when we have the IRS, NSA, DOJ and a whole slew of other scandals of the gov’t doing what they actually do well. Bullying.

The State Department is into covering up drug use and prostitution: Is it not amazing how the plutocrat elitist class are immune from the laws that us little people have to follow? No accountability from this administration, any government bureaucracy the new world order over. When will the proletariat walk away and ignore all the worthless decrees coming from the Congressional Criminal Class and her many tentacles?

Valedictorian’s (Remington Reimer) Mic Cut by Schooling Overlords: I remember when I was in HS and Orwell’s 1984 was on the college prep list, I’m sure by now the Dept of Education has purged his readings as the USA slips ever closer to Oceania. This poor student was then threatened by the principle (good communist that he is) that he’d contact the Navel Academy. See Gov’t Bullying above. The 10th plank of Communism is free (never mind it is funded by involuntary taxes) public school to all so we can track and begin a dossier on all the Gov’t subjects. God Help us All.

The Kansas Kracker