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Does Edward Snowden exist or was he made up to deflect the Obama administration’s corruption? Gary North seems to think Edward Snowden is a huge headache for this administration but I’m not so sure. I greatly respect Gary North because he his part of the Austrian School Mises Clan which teaches us an economic system our government approved schooling doesn’t care to acknowledge because of their theft.

If Edward Snowden is real I wish him the best and even if he went to Moscow it seems his coded messages to the right people will get out. I wouldn’t trust the Russians since Teddy (I can’t drive drunk) Kennedy went to them for protection with the blessing of the MSM press (aka The Verona Papers). But after all a Commie from Massachusetts always gets a free pass, just ask John ‘I don’t pay taxes’ Kerry (Secretary of the Communist State) Kerry (who went to a poison Ivy League School like Bush and Clinton and Gore and the ONE Obama). I guess I’m the only one who sees a connection unlike our brain-dead press.

That Poison Ivy League connection alone should direct any free thinker to its (Gary North/Mises) womb that what is right and proper should support the individual and not the corrupt State so never trust DC or NY or Chicago politicians.

Let me get back to my point. Is Edward Snowden real? At this point I’m not sure. He could be a distraction not releasing anything no one already suspected. All he has said is that the fascist Ivy League uber State is tracking everything (after all many Ivy League pricks supported Hitler and Stalin and not the shinning light Churchill). Politics has always been about blackmail and that is what the NSA is doing and that is why they control Congress and the White House. They don’t care about 3,000+ dying on 9/11 but rather controlling politicians who by nature are willing to comply with the blackmail they have in their bag, after all politicians sell everyone out.

I personally think they have a gay black man with communist sympathies at the white house who likes wealthy things just like the Russians who stole from the peasants. But after all, this is an Ivy League tradition, support the tyrants at the expense of the little people who actually have to follow the laws.

There are 7 Billion people on the planet and 3,000 dying on 9/11 is just part of the plan. I don’t think they planned it but they were more than happy for it to happen to create a virtual Gestapo police state in the Republic of the USA.

If I recall it wasn’t long after 9/11 the government’s preapproved Orwellian named Patriot Act was put out by John Ashcroft, as if it was written in advance, much like the 16th and 17th amendment prior to WWI.

Today, all I believe is that my government would lie to me, much like the false promises of the vote buying supplied via the FDR (D) Social Security and LBJ (D) Medicare Vote Buying Acts. Tell me it isn’t true that DC lied to me…The next thing I know is that my schools and government sanctioned universities lied to me too….

But then again the sheep are happy to wonder about if they think all is well and good and at the same time Adam Smith and the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves as they spent their whole live decrying these actions. Who are they? Don’t ask a college graduate as they’ve never heard of them. In today’s government ran society we’ve expelled the philosophers and replaced them with the likes of Marx and Engels whose god is the State.

I find it ironic and conspiratorial that the 16th amendment was passed just a year prior to WW1 breaking out. I realize it was passed in 1913 and the US didn’t join until 1917 but I’m the only person who actually thinks the whole thing was a set up to enrich the entrenched powers. The history books are all written by the victors and war is not noble but Woodrow Wilson was a racist piece of shit. I think he found God in the end but he was played, just like Teddy. Our government hasn’t been by the people, for the people for a 100+ years and the alleged passage of the 16th and 17th amendments prove this. I think prohibition was a set up to enrich a few connected families while destroying the spirit of America. Just ask the Kennedys.

Hell, we have the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) which are more powerful and should represent American  values more so than the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches who are all influenced by the same three commodities.

Washington DC is influenced by these same three ideals but in my opinion they are nothing but whores.

The Kansas Kracker