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Don’t apologize for being yourself from 20 years ago. There are powers to be that are trying to destroy you. Just tell them to fuck off and just make good food.

The same people that hate you hate Clarence Thomas. You’ve been treated lightly compared to how Northern White Copperheads treated Clarence Thomas since he became Supreme Court Justice.

You good Southern People don’t accept the Northern Margaret Sanger loving people’s ideals upon yourselves. They’ve never realize blacks also fought for the South and State’s rights. American History is corrupt and the Universities are full of Shit….

The KKK is a Democrat Subsidy and always will be and history will not be rewritten.

The Kansas Kracker (properly named as I’m from Native American country and I’m making fun of a supposed derogatory name for whites but I think is apt.) The person who coined the term Kracker deserves a place in Heaven like the person who created fried cheese. Peace Out.

The Kansas Kracker