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DOJ (Department of Injustice) rules a progressive blogger has journo status because he bugged RINO Mitch McConnell’s HQ. Go figure that this guy gets immunity from the District of Criminality.

Climate change, which has existed since the Big Bang, our Congressional Criminal Cartel is now going to give those displaced a free ride according to Think Progress. Our Banana Republic charges Forward with Obama at the helm offering these poor souls welfare and other goodies as long as the vote for the Democrats. Where is Team America when you need them?

TWA 800: I for one am glad to see that Jack Cashill has been vindicated after the Bill Clinton and the NY Times yellow journalism cover-up (Media and the DNC government are one and the same) of what really happened.  Hopefully the poor souls and their families will get some closure from this Clinton era cover-up and perhaps a few more individuals will realize that our government’s only strong suit is their constant lies and reassurances that they know what they are doing will comfort the sheeple into a lullaby. But I think the real question was who was on the plane? As we know it wasn’t Vince Foster or Ron Brown!

Ryan Winkler (Democrat, Minnesota) calls African American/Black Supreme Court Justice and Uncle Thomas. Clarence Thomas since his nomination has been lynched by the white Democrats since the mid 90’s. They have tried to destroy an original thinker with as much fever as they’ve destroyed the Black community. Remember, it was white democrats who set up ghettos, it was white democrats who began the war on drugs and who threw all those innocent black men in jail so their wives and girlfriends would get racist Margaret Sanger abortions and free (stolen) government money. Let us also not forget that the KKK was founded by a white democrat. After all, most of the prominent black leaders in America have sold out their own people for money, just like George Soros did to his fellow Jews and predictably they are all Demorats. The repeal of DOMA will be fun to watch as the progressive democrats sell out the gays (after milking them for donations) like they did to the Jews for the bigger pockets of Islamist money. Not that the Islamists aren’t gay they just hate them and kill them on a more regular basis.   


The Kansas Kracker