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Again to my followers I’m sorry for the lack of posts. As of yet FEMA hasn’t arrested me but I’m just busy doing what people are supposed to be doing. So besides my life what are the bureaucrats doing? I’ll try to aggregate the last two weeks into a simple post so the serfs of America can realize how far we have fallen.

Adam Kokesh is arrested with helicopters and an over abundance of police for loading a shotgun in the DC metro area. Like no gun violence exists in DC, the home of the biggest criminals (Congress) on the face of the Earth. Why did David Gregory, a political confidant get a free pass for his alleged criminal activity while Adam Lokesh was set up. Who planted the supposed drugs in the vile disregard for the freedom of all Americans? Justice has never been blind but it sees all and prosecutes only those whom the gov’t can make an example of. If Jon Corzine and David Gregory can skate then this Tea Party American should be the same. Washington DC is full of the most vile criminals the world has ever seen. If the police don’t like their perception by the American public they only have their DC masters to blame. Hate those who sold you out and direct your anger towards criminals of Congress and their NSA masters.

Man who plants flowers in DC is raped by the bureaucracy. All this person did was plant pretty flowers to make people happy outside a DC subway stop and since he did more for the people than the government they destroyed his work. This is a metaphor for how the Ivy League pricks have done the same to the American public.

Anwar Al-Awlaki visits prostitutes and the Pentagon before being blown up by the Nobel recipient Obama. The plutocrats of DC love to hate on conspiracy theories but they only invite the American public to question everything when they knew about this guy and followed his sexual activities before blowing him up. I’m not sure he is even dead but if DC opened their arms to this man who won’t they sell out?

Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) of Virginia say we are sorry. This story has been scrubbed from the web but the ABC over reacted to a female buying water in VA. Why do we sing the National Anthem with the ending of the “home of the free and land of the brave” ? Our Country and every State has become a joke. Long live the Banana Republic.

Entrenched  Democrats enrich themselves like Dianne Fienstein and her husband at the expense of the slavish taxpayers with no bid sweat-heart deals. Got to love them Demorats.

James Clappers says he is sorry.  I feel so much better that a member of the DC elite says he is sorry for violating the Constitution and will buy the FBI #1 A beer, the most ignored short document in DC that explains what they can and cannot do. One thinks that the French were onto something with the guillotine.

Finally, I’ll end with how Vets have been screwed by our overlords. They should be at home fighting not the Afghans but the DC bureaucrats. When they get home they have to file 613 forms  to comply with the red tape of Karl Marx’s dream. Ever since the Ivy League threw God and Jesus under the bus, our society has suffered, and those who can make a difference have been tied up with red tape.

Good luck American Slaves you’ll need it. Despite what the American indoctrinated teachers tell you, you are nothing but chattel. Read John Taylor Gatto if you want to know how bad you have been screwed over. Our government, full of Ivy League elites have long planned to screw us over. Wake Up and fight back by ignoring their global decrees.

The Kansas Kracker