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If you want a college degree then get one in Science, Business, IT or something with some tangible benefits for society. Gary North of the Tea Party Economist explains that your child shouldn’t be taken for a ride. Many people send their kids to public education because they say their stolen funds will educate their children and they receive an Honor Roll bumper sticker to offset their guilt, but then they mistakenly send them off to college to forever be in debt to the Leviathan and another 4 or 5 years of State Propaganda.

It is a horrible situation that is hard to beat but play stupid (liberal) and get through the Hell they call College (P.S. If you are Anglo don’t send your kid to Duke as they’ll get railroaded because they discriminate against and hate white people). Just remember that colleges and universities, like K-12 platforms, teach very little but give the State graduates the basics to profess ignorance to survive in a ‘diverse’ world of stupidity.

The Kansas Kracker