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The number one softball player of DC, Big Sis Janet Napolitano resigns and jumps the sinking ship of the Police State for the sinking the shit ship of the anti-sematic, anti-American ship of Academia. I for one say good riddance and only hope her cohort Eric Holder does the same. Could you imagine Eric Holder as the Dean of Legal Affairs at Harvard, with his disregard for the law and hatred of Jews he could go far and it would be 1938 all over again.

Janet, I for one say thank you for jumping one sinking ship for another. I for one can’t wait until the recent HS grads turn on their masters of illusion and say fuck you to the Universities of Government Propaganda. The People are tired of listening to the lies of Big Government and Big Universities. We are tired of the hate, the deceit and the lies of the last 100 years.

I can’t think of a better place for you to foster the incompetence of the State than at the University of California. You tripled your salary to explain the stupidity of the State to a bunch of brainwashed government educated goons. I for one say good luck as we all watch the good ship America continue to sink into the abyss.

At least you had the decency to not go down with the union constructed ship before it hit the iceberg.

The Kansas Kracker