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This article posted by Gary North sums up the world we live in. Don’t worry, our kids are safe in the conforming hands of unsuspecting indoctrinated State educators. They are looking out for us, the People.
A company has an epiphany of a product to make fun of the bureaucratic state and they get pounced upon by the leaches of society. So why do we bow down?

I’m just as guilty as you but we all roll over for a bunch of incompetent over educated buffoons who spout illogical academic glob ably gook for the sake of bragging that our children belong to a special class of State certified fools. So where did we go wrong?

I think it is hilarious that a bunch of State educated fools hate businesses (who make life easier and more tolerable) but then realize they owe a bunch of money and all of a sudden succumb to Big Business and their academic donations and become illogical professors.

Communism is grand as those it pretends to hate are the ones they support the most and as long as you tow the line you have a diploma behind your desk and continue to support State tyranny.

In a nutshell, Academia hates big business on the surface but at the same time supports government and her subsidized Big Business coherts(e.g. Solyndra, Al Gore, UN, Congress, EU, all BS supposed green businesses who funnel money to approved parties)
Am I surprised their is no criminal charges, are you kidding, these organizations funnel the stolen tax payer monies to the approved criminal networks called political parties who approved the funds in the first place.

Just remember America that we arrest those poor Amish farmers who dare to sell raw milk which is a natural substance that benefits the public but let the leeches like Jon Corzine, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy walk free. Ain’t this country grand (by the way, what political party do/did Jon Corzine, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Ted Kennedy belong too?…(hint it starts with a …D)
The Kansas Kracker