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I find it ironic that the DNC is the party of the racial grievances (Stockholm Syndrome). They stole Indian lands (Andrew Jackson -D) and blamed the white man, they then stole Japanese American property under FDR and blamed the Republicans, Nathanial Bedford Forrest was one of the founders of the KKK and they blamed the Republicans, the Democrat controlled government  continues to enslaved the black man on petty charges and then blames the Republicans. The Democrat controlled media in the Jorge Zimmerman trial said the White Hispanic (whatever that is) killed a black man….

What? Where is the DNC controlled La Raza?  I know that the NAACP was created by Republicans but this is lost on history and due to federal funds they changed allegiance. So now the NAACP hates on Jorge Zimmerman but says nothing about black on black murders in Chicago, the supposed home of Barry Obama? So now does the NAACP hate La Raza and their rights to the American land. Al and Jesse please speak up! 

I realize that Eric Holder and Obama want him (Jorge Zimmerman) tried but is it possible the gun he used was part of the BATF/DOJ Fast and Furious sting operations and their diabolical plan to kill brown people backfired?

Furthermore: how bad would that look that DNC Attorney General Eric Holder who sent the poor Hispanic Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba under the rapist Bill Clinton orders to face the wrath of Cuba while only supporting black people and disregarding the outcome of poor Hispanics?. Does Eric Holder hate Latinos?

By his past actions and his say in the Jorge Zimmerman trial and the Elian Gonzalez fiasco actions I think the DNC has chosen racial sides and their past actions are coming to fruition.  I think they (DNC) hates Brown/Latino people because of their Catholic believing ways which impedes upon their thoughts of God being the State.

Welcome to the DNC you Hispanics and please disregard our hatred toward every minority in the past.

The Kansas Kracker