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What a world we live in and I apologize for the multi-week break: There is always too much to opine about the educated class but they all hate themselves. The EU should dissolve if it loved the people it pretends to protect and the US Gov’t should do the same as it is a joke. The EU, the UK and the US Gov’t have proven they can only gloss over their mistakes while pretending to create a NWO with false funds. The rich protected class only wants to protect themselves but they’ve created a Leviathan they can’t control from the top down. Schools are a joke and soon the people will awake from their slumber to tear down the fake promises of the entrenched elites. And it starts with the false promise of Prince ‘whatever that means’ Charles and the faux savior of the world Al Gore…

The liberals are screaming for a break:

In San Diego the Mayor, a Democrat (Bob Filner) is a pervert and Nancy Pelosi says this is just a hiccup, kind of like Bill Clinton. So please drain the swamp of stupidity and corruption.

How Prince Charles will avoid taxes: Al Gores’ look alike across the pond will avoid taxes but tell the world to pay taxes to avoid the apocalypse. What a piece of shit like Al Gore. A bunch of lying fools who rely on the gov’t to provide fake science to enrich their own portfolios. I hope the UN sues him but they are as guilty as he.  Assholes.

NAACP: The Blacks hate  Hispanics and everybody else and the DNC is silent of their internal civil war: The NAACP and Eric Holder (who sent back the Hispanic Elian Gonzalez) hates on Jorge Zimmerman but fails to realize they are alienating La Raza. I still can’t believe that the American Blacks of the DNC controlled ghettos like Detroit, which were created by Poison Ivy League whites sold their souls to the middle mgmt (aka) of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for a couple of bucks to contend with La Raza. I for one can’t believe middle mgmt would sell out their own people but that is what the DNC will do for a few lousy fake dollars to pit the NAACP and La Raza against each other to secure votes and in the end blame Republicans. The Stockholm Syndrome is an odd phenomenon but the DNC has perfected the practice. 

TSA is violating the 4th amendment like the NSA. Forget the 4th amendment if you drop off your car at the airport as the police state will violate the Constitution for the perceived safety of the Nation (aka – the Police State). Freedom is nothing but an illusion.

The USA is a fiction of itself and we can only blame ourselves. Please thank Matt Drudge for being a guiding light as he exposes the cockroaches of DC (Demon Confab) for what they are.

The Kansas Kracker