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The NY Times just sold the Boston Globe for a 93% loss which should greatly diminish the greatness and the foretold death of the Old Grey Lady and her penchant for yellow journalism (corporate and government alligence), and the Graham family just sold the Washington Compost (WAPO) for a $250M friendly sum to a friend of the corrupt ruling class, Jeff Bezos. What is going on in the world of liberal progressive made up journalism? Is the ruling class afraid? Is the Ivy League retreating to their preferred entrenched enclave to avoid a fight? Is the new media taking charge and the likes of Matt Drudge and Breitbart.com and WND having such an impact that the established media is hiding? Know one believes the government any longer nor their journalistic allies. The world is on fire and unfortunately Turkey and Egypt have led the way and we can only hope the sheeple of America awake and follow suit to fulfill their destiny.

The people must realize that government is the problem and not the solution and that DC is the portal to Hell and not to Heaven.

The Kansas Kracker