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I think Good Will Hunting is a great movie, the only good movie Matt Damon ever did but I always find it funny that leftist hate protected corporate entrenched Ivy League businesses and small government and then look the other way while ignoring their relationship when Big Government steps in. Hypocrisy is the greatest attribute of the left. Oh, kind of like Matt Damon putting his kids in private school.

Like all progressives they hate the system but then find a way around it. I don’t fault Matt, but politicians and school teachers are the two professions that put their kids in private school and then bitch about the rest of America, I wonder why. Why do they sell out the working class unions thugs who they claim to support and now you have your answer. Why does your union protector despise your working class life style while they get hookers and snort coke in Las Vegas off your stolen dues? They don’t care about you as they long sold you out and stole your union dues.

Best of luck sucker,

The Kansas Kracker