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This is one of those Red scares but the Red should really mean government. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged and so should everyone else as you’ll then see the unholy relationship between corrupt industries that can’t compete against the new age visionaries and then use lobbyist to protect their obsolete products. The society we live in today is one where the protected gov’t political class has bailed out banks, corporations and supported ‘green’ energy companies to launder money back to their overlord’s accounts and support their own poor investments.

 Of course they’ve been cleared of any wrong doing as that is the nature of the political game. The Green game is about money; just ask Al Gore’s dad, whose son Al Gore, Jr. (Who tried to do a Bill Clinton with a massage lady and failed) has made billions of dollars off of a scam (His racist DNC dad would be proud) and who will never be prosecuted because of his supposed government legal protection (aka immunity). The money laundering works that the taxpayer funds will go into an account that will be dispersed to government approved and connected (DNC) corporations who will then die and go bankrupt but not before they send the funds elsewhere, most notably they will be funneled back to D(N)C so the American public will ignore the 100’s of Trillions of debt ran up by these charlatans.

As a taxpaying citizen don’t worry, the DOJ (Department of Justice) is really the Department of Justification and will spin you a yarn of why they always protect the city class whores vs. the country class (Thank you Rush Limbaugh) and continue to provide cover for theft from the lower and middle class to the DC/NE elites.

To all you bright eyed Democrat college graduates who want to save the world, before you move back into your parent’s basement for a lack of job opportunities, the DNC is fully supported by corrupt corporate funds just like those puke Republicans you’ve been trained to hate so much from K-graduate school. Wake up as you’ve been screwed over like the every other American taxpayer and I hope you’ll realize that 85% of all college degrees (I’m excluding medicine, engineering, and a few other hard sciences) could have been earned for pennies on the dollar at your local library, the Internet, or Barnes and Noble and this author learned that the hard way.

The Kansas Kracker