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The NY Department of Health is infested with Bed Bugs. For $316MM in stolen gov’t funds you get this. Just wait until Obamacare aka (Democratcare) takes hold. It will be one hell of a ride America. Just remember what else the Democrats gave us: A broke Social Security Fund, a broke Medicare and Medicaid fund, the killing of unborn babies (about half are black), the dropping of an atomic bomb on colored people (which I admit was warranted), the internment of colored people and stealing their property (which wasn’t and the Democrats never gave back their money), the relocation of native Americans amongst other great social experiments. Just remember you college graduates, the Democrats did all the things you hate and yet you’ve been conditioned to vote for them since kindergarten.

Major Nadil Hasan is now coming to trial: It has taken four years to bring a Muslim dude to trial who the Democrats/Progressives have protected and pampered at all costs while the victims have suffered. As is typical with the Obama administration, death to the American Christians and Israeli Jews (not the NE liberal turncoats who long sold out their people) and always support the Muslim victim status. The NWO Progressive Jacobins are alive and continue to support death in birth, middle age and old age, all at the blessing of the State. Keep up the great work your Devilish Liberal Bastards.

3 Black Youths beat the S*it out of white kid: This beating was I guess over the fact that he told on them for selling drugs, so perhaps he deserved a beating; however, where is the DOJ as doesn’t every alphabet agency tell us all to rat out our neighbors? The gov’t is the biggest bully in the room that puts out PSAs about bullying but what did the IRS and FEC do but bully conservatives and assist to rig a federal election without consequence? When I think of Government I think of Hypocrisy. That being said where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, the MSM (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PSMNBC, PBS) and the DOJ calling this a hate crime…crickets……………….The View perhaps…ha.ha.ha…Nancy Grace…anyone?

I see the two sellouts John McCain and Lindsey Graham(nesty) where in Cairo doing Barry O’s and the Council of Foreign Relations Ivy League grads bidding to put the Sharia throwbacks in office. I’d just wished the DailyBeast wouldn’t say they are GOP as both of these entrenched traitors belong in the DNC as no Republican actually likes these Redcoats, if we had an honest political system then this would be known (gerrymandering is a crime that should be punishable by death – and would assist the turnover in Congress). Don’t worry as what happened in Egypt and Turkey will soon come to our shores and when we all completely ignore the worthless decrees of DC (Demon Congress, District of Corruption, Devil’s Conjure) who exempt themselves from the evil they decree upon us all, the world can begin to heal. To the world…no longer look at America as a shining light of Freedom and Liberty as those are bad words and our 1984 society has fallen into the traps that Europa experienced in the late 1930’s.

In our Alice in Wonderland make believe world I’ll leave you with the assumption that the Obama Administration has now put out a warrant for one of the individuals responsible for the attacks in Benghazi on the day the filmmaker of the Innocence of Muslims, Nakoula Nakoula got out of jail on trumped up charges. This comedy of Ivy League stupidity (Shakespeare would be proud) only continues to expand and becomes more interesting. The White House, The State Department and their Islamist (Ivy League grad) allies in the CIA continue to cover up and obscure what really happened and their blackmailed cohorts in the media only continue to press on. The ironic thing is that our country’s best B actor since Reagan was supposed to unite us, but in the end will only tear this country apart until the treasonous bastards of the NE and DC and our gov’t overlords cower in fear of the people they’ve screwed over for the last hundred years.  

The Kansas Kracker