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The best news of the last week is the NYTimes huge (93%) loss on their ‘investment’ when they sold the Boston Globe. Whenever the MSM and her sycophant minions take a hit America is a better place.

The Washington (Com)Post too is sold this week for a huge loss to Amazon.com founder and chief Jeff Bezos. Granted, Bezos probably has his hands all over DC politics but it is still a good thing and Breitbart had a great piece on how their intrinsic value vanished with their bankrupting the American public and their ‘academic’ schemes. No wonder the left loves what the chattel citizens call education these days as they exploit us even further and hoc us into debt slavery for the rest of our lives. Reminds me of their Social Security Ponzi scheme (thanks FDR) and soon to be Obamacare (I mean the affordable care act – it is affordable because we all die and we know how the left loves blood (abortion anybody).

Then we have the Dark Princes and Princesses of Congress and their underlings getting a waiver out of Obamacare. Once again our cowardly representatives exempt themselves and their staff from what the rest of us slave citizens must abide by as a result of their decrees. The ONE (Obama) it has been reported even negotiated their exemption. This is reminiscent of the ONE negotiating the stealing of GM from the rightful creditors. It is great to live in a country full of freedom and liberty…after all they are just words, kind of like those strung together letters in what we used to call the US Constitution, which ironically is ignored daily by our anointed overlords.

The Politicians and Bureaucrats now get special license plates to reward them for breaking the law and to avoid fines that us lowly cattle/chattel must pay. Hint: Why do you think I named this blog and my website bureaucraticslave.com? I’m trying to speak to my fellow American Slaves.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York apparently was donated a sum of money for his war chest and soon after granted a tax break. I’m shocked. A Democrat would be influenced by money and ally him or herself with such wretched and wicked people? One would tend to think of the DNC money laundering operations, such as the Solyndra affair or the other plethora of ‘Green’ Energy scams of which Terry McAuliffe (D), Al “I can change the Climate” Gore and the other Democrat whores are all involved with to scam taxpayers out of their life savings. By the way Terry McAuliffe is running for the governor of Virginia, and will probably win so America’s best days are behind her. (By the way, if you look at the Cuomo article the word Democrat isn’t mentioned once; however, due to the MSMs sleight of hand you’ll read the word Democratic several times. We are a REPUBLIC for a reason and shouldn’t be ruled by mobs but that is what they want).

The ONE promises a greater oversight of the NSA. Great, we have a bunch of liars in the most opaque administration ever watching over James Clapper and his ilk. I feel so much better knowing that the liars of the world are working together to cover up even more stuff. We’ve had the lies of Benghazi, the IRS (which illegally influenced a federal election at the behest of the administration…where is the DOJ????), Oh here is the DOJ running guns to the Mexican drug cartels and I assume on behalf of perhaps the CIA to pad their bank accounts. The funny thing about this is this administration and those before her are all top heavy with a bunch of drunk poison IVY league grads who are all interconnected. I don’t find this to be a coincidence.

Finally…Obama says Snowden is no Patriot (A thought to ponder…What is a Patriot today?). Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? Oh shit now I’m going to labeled a racist. My point is that there are fewer ‘patriots’ per square mile than anywhere else in the US territory than in Washington DC (perhaps not including the heart of NY city). Hell, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska have more patriots per square mile than DC and NY.

Good luck my fellow Americans, you’ll need it.

The Kansas Kracker