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This linked article is about the City of Concord in New Hampshire trying to ascertain funds for their police department for some military grade equipment from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

On a side note: This has to be the most Orwellian/Nazi/Communist named department in the Federal government and it should have a more Germanic sounding name…it is our own Stasi so DSS perhaps). After all the government screwed up, blamed the people and then created more fences around the people without blaming themselves for their own incompetence….very totalitarian, straight out of a text book).

Back to my point, the police today, like teachers and other government employees are ingrained to report suspicious activity and to spy and tattle on their neighbors, it is part of their ‘training’. All these professions exist only because the State has falsely and effectively convinced the sheeple to fork over involuntary illegally confiscated funds (taxes) to imprison themselves. Furthermore, these government employees have been brainwashed (I don’t necessarily fault them) from their training to hate those who dare question their right to a guaranteed pension, funded solely by stolen funds (taxes).

I realize they provide a service but this service has gone downhill at an accelerated pace for decades due to their DC overlords influence (See Detroit and every other major city). The enemy is not the teacher or the cop, they are just uninformed pawns who have been dumped down and duped like the masses. What it all comes down to though is money. The Concord PD wants the tank because subconsciously they feel that they are owed promised money, but the rest of us too pay into a Ponzi scheme initiated by a Democrat charlatan (FDR) who promised the masses the same lies. So they (our benevolent government and bureaucratic overlords) pit one group of society against another. They purposely arm and allow the government loyalist heavy weapons to combat dissent against those who have had their labor confiscated and unwittingly underwrite their own demise.

What the government employees fail to realize (Teachers, Police, Military, etc) is that all these grandiose promises are unattainable and eventually zero hour will come when the people will fail to heed their warnings and quit paying and that is when the conflict will begin. This conflict shouldn’t exist between the taxpayer and the government employees as the system long ago purposely designed these groups to be at war with each other, but the ire of these two groups should ally and focus their energies on the false political promises of past and present politicians.

The System has to be reformed and if America is to survive we have to stop taxes productivity and labor. I have no problem taxing purchases of goods (within reason) but of the taxpaying public has to live with in its means so should the Federal and all State and City governments. That is why we are at the Rubicon we are at today. If the government hadn’t stolen fund from me and millions of others via FICA we could all be better off and could invest those fund in the free market (not that it exists) or opened a business; instead, the government stole those fund to buy votes to pit one group against another just as I explained above…this is not only illegal it is immoral.

town in Georgia may have figured how to bring peace to the world and not pit the State/City employees against the citizens. This is what the late Stephen Covey would call a win win situation. Now the taxpayers and the State/City employees can turn our ire against the true purveyors of evil, the bureaucrats and politicians of Washington DC.

The Kansas Kracker