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For once I haven’t taken two weeks to post anything so enjoy:

1. Hillary Clinton is going to launch her ‘Trust in Government Tour’…yeah and the American public will believe everything and nothing at the same time and vote for her in 2016 vs. Jeb Bush. One could actually think the whole voting thing is a charade and a joke. The Kansas Kracker agrees… Don’t Vote it only Encourages the Bastards as P.J. O’Rourke

2. The State Department (e.g. Communist anti-Semitic sympathizers) say Arab prisoners released by Israel aren’t terrorists yet the Obama administration calls Edward Snowden a traitor. One has to love the hypocrisy of DC.

3. We all know by now that Benghazi is just fluff and noise but what about the Whistleblower saying that 400 SAMS went to Syria or if not those rebels some other very bad people, let alone the 4 who died. You have to love the this administration who says every bad thing they’ve done from killing blacks to browns (Fast and Furious) to the Arabs/Jews/Christians (Arab Spring) is just Fake Scandals which the MSM fails to connect the dots to and is a RNC conspiracy like the untimely death of a bunch of SEAL TEAM 6 members. (This has Ron Brown and Vince Foster government hand all over it but yet nothing from the MSM). Conspiracy why not it has to be since it isn’t covered. Washington DC is a cesspool of death, corruption and lies and the American public should ignore their decrees at all costs.

4. GOD again laughs at the Climate Change government/academic sycophants. It must be real if Al Gore says so and my tenure depends upon it. If you’ve graduated college and live at home I hope by now you realize the last 16 years of your life has been a lie instituted by the government and her sycophants. Human induced Climate change is as real as government provided benefits without requirements to vote Democrat.

5. We can no longer call the Washington Redskins by the Redskins name according to the liberal MSM. Considering the Native Americans called themselves Redskins to the New World brown skin Spanish conquers (or new arrivals), due to their colour, American academia has forbade this word from their lexicon to appease their white paying NE blueblood customers from offending the Native Americans. Today the Fighting Sioux and the Apache Warriors will forever be known as pit bosses to appease liberal insensitivities which they never conveyed with Native Americans nor asked their opinion. Washington DC liberal elitism will prevail to appease their forced removal of said American Indians under the Democrat President Andrew Jackson. This guilt will be abstained under FDR’s (Democrat) stealing Japanese American property after the bombing of Pearl Harbor at the behest of Earl Warren, a Democrat from California who whitewashed the death of JFK for political purposes and stole private property from Americans who happened to be of Japanese decent. This same type of tyranny happened under another Democrat president called Woodrow Wilson but you’ll never hear about it in the white washed history taught in academia.

6. Thomas Sowell: This should actually be number one so I’m sorry Mr. Sowell but Killary/Cankles Clinton is more popular. Unfortunately, the American public has been so oversold on the benefits of government they’ve failed to realize the white and black democrats have sold out the people via the communist model of education so we are pitted against one another. After all, only government can provide the truth and sell it as the best education model known to man. Communism sucks in all forms and education is no different.

7. Fred is right as usual. Fred on Everything is always spot on and that is why I love his two cents.

The Kansas Kracker sleeps well at night providing these links and my thoughts to the masses. Whatever the government tells you is the truth is a lie just like the old hag Gray Lady. Get over it, the government approved textbooks are wrong, Congress is wrong so show the world that Lady Liberty still shines bright just not in NY, DC, LA, SF and Chicago.