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DHS buys houses for too much money to support their political allies. It appears the DHS is not concerned with protecting the homeland but protecting their fascist political allies in Congress and providing kickbacks to their supporters. Just par for the course in the corruption of the USA today.

Warrantless Wiretaps are on the Docket today for the Obama administration. Forget the 4th amendment and the fact Obama is a supposed Poison Ivy League grad and a Constitutional Scholar, which the MSM never fails to mention. I guess he is nothing but a NSA puppet so they can continue to blackmail not just the citizens but their representative allies in Congress as well. America looks more and more like Rome everyday. Thanks Emperor Obama and your worthless Poison Ivy League Senate sycophants, none worse than McCain and nancy boy Lindsey ‘Ahmnesty;’ Graham. I wonder what goods the NSA has on those boys, let alone Pelosi and Reid. Blackmail is after all the currency of DC.

A judge blocks the Jihad defense of Nadal Hassan. Islam isn’t the problem it is those who act in her defense. Don’t worry fellow sheeple, a progressive American citizen and judge will support your enemy over those fellow Americans he killed, just like the fair and honest Federal Government who has promised you Social Security and Medicare. Why do you soldiers even fight any more but then I’d have to say why do we even work any more? For our government will sell you and us out in a heartbeat to score the votes of a bunch of indoctrinated academic brainwashed students and illegal aliens to continue to underwrite our own demise?

Obamacare or Demoncare, which is more appropriate, will take effect sometime in the future. The Affordable Care Act, which is Orwellian in name will bankrupt most of America just like it was designed to do. This piece of legislation was designed to destroy small businesses because the large fascist conglomerates realize they can no longer compete on price nor on product. They then teamed up with their lobbyists and the Devil’s confab known as Congress to destroy those who can do better in price and service then they can. Unfortunately the Nazis didn’t die, our government and their Poison Ivy League allies imported them to underwrite our own Constitution’s demise.

Now I see a ‘Time’ reporter, with all his journo creds want Obama to kill Julian Assange via a drone strike. He won’t be against it but the only problem is Julian isn’t an American citizen. I love how when the sell out George W. Bush was President all the leftists/progressives said terrorists are the other guys freedom fighters but now that Obama ‘The One’ is in office then Ted Cruz (the guy who has to be vetted from a foreign land) and Mike Lee are terrorists just like the Tea Party. The hypocrisy of this country and her citizens is beyond reproach, as the college students continue to espouse Marx and realize their choice is without question as they’ve been told since Kindergarten to not question authority.

America will fall shortly, there is no doubt, and the historians outside of academia will realize academia was the problem, as the crocodile will eat and he may eat you last, but you will suffer the most, and for that I will take pleasure.

As much as I support Mike Lee and Ted Cruz or Rand Paul I have zero faith in our corrupt government, but my glimmer of hope thinks they may be able to right a sinking ship but I also realize that is a pipe dream so bring on the opium.

Good Luck America and God Speed. Load up and Pray for the best.

The Kansas Kracker