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Al Gore is back to his Democrat daddy’s old tricks. You should all read up on the South and the Democrats and their hatred towards all things good and how the Democrats purposely enslaved the blacks after they were freed. You should also read about Al’s daddy and his love of Russia when they turned communist and his connections to riches via government contracts (Tennessee Valley Authority come to mind), it is a wonderful read but not near as good as Ayn Rand. They (the Fascist/Communist) have now moved from the South and realigned and annexed themselves with their allies in the NE liberal establishments (Bushes/Clintons/Carters/Johnsons/Nixons) known as the Ivy League. It is a great story and not one told in the government/Democrat controlled textbooks.

I didn’t see the Demoncrats sue the volcano in Japan that recently erupted nor have they sued the Sun for her activities, but you the people are the problem and must be taxed into submission to save the world. Where is the UN’s special committee? The volcano didn’t kill Christians which they’ve been against since FDR (A Democrat was in office). The NWO (New World Order) the UN will be our benevolent overlords to rule us all to whitewash their own stupidity and cover-up their corruption and nepotism.

Wake up world and realize the government of all countries is the problem and not the solution and don’t forget that academia is fully supported by their tax schemes to fool the populace into a zombie like compliance.

The Kansas Kracker