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I’m glad too see all the sycophants praising their Earthly Lord and Savior, Obama (D- Illinois). The US Government, which has always been ran by self-serving asshole Democrats/Demonrats who offer false promises to the masses has again out done themselves on screwing over the populace while excluding themselves.

Praise be to Obama (the gay sheik)

The University of Virginia has taken the low road and is know excluding spouses. They, the home of Thomas Jefferson, has now said we love gov’t so we can save on the bottom line. I guess UV took to heart TJ’s reference about blood being spilled every 20 years to keep an honest government. Because that is exactly is what will be spent and I doubt they have any volunteers.

DNC stronghold union labor UPS drops (15,000) spouses because of Demoncratcare/Obamacare. Go Big Government and keep up the good work. Before you know it Social Security will be solvent with all the deaths you’ve caused. At least all the illegals will replace the more expensive labor and as a bonus they vote Democrat along with their long dead relatives who never have to show ID. After all that would violate their civil rights.

Smart companies change their plans to comply with the all knowing federal government which is so awesome.

The Kansas Kracker (welcome to Germany circa 1935).