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Who will Obama be today? It appears some black teenagers decided to gun down an innocent baseball playing Aussie college student named Chris Lane for shits and giggles. Will Obama and his race hustlers say it is revenge for Trayvon? Will CNN and MSNBC cover the upcoming trial? Will Obama say that Chris looks like his uncle if his mom had a brother or will he say that the shooter looks like his son if he had one? God only knows depending on the MSM political wind shifts.  After all, who is the kids daddy? He and Reggie can’t have a kid or is it just like Killary and Bill’s kid who was probably fathered by someone else? This is DC after all and the Truth lies somewhere about a thousand miles away and hidden by Poison Ivy League graduates.

If you believe in Ponzi schemes, actual US Government liquidity and false future promises of the government then read this wonderful piece of work by Gary North. All governments promise their people riches and these are based on a pipe dream of supplied heroin from Afghanistan ‘Now you know why we are there’. But honestly all government promises are false and are based on slavery of the young paying for the old and this is why wars happen, to distract the populace from reality.

A Black man is preparing for the future race war against gays and whites. I wonder if he knows that he voted for one (a gay man that is), after all he works for the all knowing and loving DHS. I’m sure the DHS will look the other way for diversity points and potential future credits supplied by the UN, which are kind of like false carbon credits to guilt the populace into believing false narratives that they are guilty for their overlords opulent lifestyles. If he hates Jews, especially those that live in Israel he has a promising future with his current organization, let alone this administration.


The Kansas Kracker