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This is how the Kansas Kracker sees things:

I now read that Syria is using chemical weapons, for a second time according to the so called Western educated liberal press who can utilize their yellow journalistic practices (Hearst would be so proud of the lying facts supporting the Obama/Democrat/Fascist Military Industrial Complex but the Internet is a thorn in their side- cue the NYTimes making up stories), like the mustard gas of WWI was only used by those evil Huns and not by the corrupted Americans and her corporate interests.

I have no love of Syria but I find it ironic that the West is trying to oust a guy who has done nothing except piss off the Western power oil (US and Britain) brokers and who will not attack Israel so that makes me think Assad (whose wife is smokin’ hot unlike our Marie Antoinette) is innocent and a decent guy. It also make me think that the gay Barry Obama and David Cameron, who are just puppets and for that reason were specifically selected by their academic/corporate masters who knew of their odd proclivities, were selected to be elected so they could not be blackmailed for politically incorrect activities but would be supported by their American and English Ivy League elites.  

This leads us today…

In Benghazi the ‘rebels’ stole 400 missiles and nothing was done and I ask why was Killary Clinton believed when she said it was due to some obscure Youtube video created by a Coptic Christian whose people have been massacred by the Muslim Brotherhood and not to cover up the State Department’s communist shenanigans and anti-Christian point of view over the last 80 years. 

That then lends me to the question of who stole Libya’s money and was that the reason they were invaded. Is the Arab Spring just a hoax so the special Ivy  League class can continue their quest to destroy Christianity and ally themselves with Islam? Have they all sold their souls for Earthly riches to be denied in the next life and the obvious reason is yes, just look at Killary Clinton. These people who are supposed to be are leaders and they are degenerates and sellouts who know only the power of the mobocracy who ascertain their power by stealing from one to give to another for their allegiance for the promise of future handouts.

Until this stops our Republic is destined for obscurity.