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Sorry for the absence to my few followers but I was out on some R&R and was just waiting for the world to implode, yet it didn’t happen so I decided to resume my therapeutic rants.

Al Gore is still screaming about the sun having to impact on our lives so he wants climate change (formally known as AGW) deniers to pay a political price, and I say those academic and lying bureaucrats should forfeit all their assets to the debt laden Treasury due to this made up shakedown concocted by our political overlords. I think that is a fair trade.

In the Socialist State of Maryland, a fine father dared to asked an uncomfortable to the Board of Indoctrination about common core and was swiftly whisked away in Orwellian fashion. Made up charges were pending but where dropped when ‘authorities’ realized that only canned questions were answered and there were too many witnesses. I’m sure Boards of Indoctrination across our free republic (I’m chocking on my own vomit) will now conduct all their meetings in secret which violate the law, but then again laws are only for the little people, just ask David Gregory.

Not to be outdone, the communist school bureaucrats in the formally Great State of Virginia (Where Terry McAuliffe, The Clinton’s minion is running for governor after feeding at the Al Gore green energy scam trough) suspended several students for playing with airsoft guns on private property. The long arm of the school bureaucrats doesn’t start at the bus doors; it apparently now by selective decree starts inside your house. The mom even said that her kid doesn’t become school property until he gets on the bus, at least she is in the upper percentile with what is happening to this country because she listened to Hillary Clinton when she said it take a village of idiots to raise a child. Ironically, her son is black so this is obviously a racial issue and I’m waiting for Al and Jesse to show up.  Way to go American Schools to continue to prove how worthless you truly are. The sick MFer John Dewey who visited paradises like Germany, Russia and China and soon death followed in large quantities would be so proud of his backwards creation. To my children, I’m sorry you’ll have to go to school so you can come home and realize what is wrong with the world. Take these words to heart, “Trust an administrator as you would trust a politician” – The Kansas Kracker 2013

Obama still wants to burn Syria and Bashar al-Assad to the ground with the help of the American people’s enemies, which is apparently different from Washington’s enemies (like We the People). He and the DC establishment’s ground and pound game for We the People is the Orwellian named Affordable Care Act. It is not like our taxes aren’t already high enough and the Ponzi scheme called social security and the outright fraud via Medicaid and Medicare aren’t a large enough millstone hung around our necks. Of course our elitists overlords all get a free pass because they are all so important, but back to Syria. Politics do make strange bedfellows and in this case Putin came to the rescue of the world while I was away. Why are we funding AQ or the MB? We helped them in Libya and they kill our ambassador. We help the MB in Egypt but thankfully the people spoke and the army listened. I guess our military can’t listen to us as they are stationed around the world fighting the Ivy League elite’ latest global misadventure. One thinks that the Russians may be helping the Syrians because they remember Afghanistan in the 80’s and what our ‘intelligence’ agencies helped foster that has come full circle. Is Syria about heroin routes or is about an oil pipeline to the West? What is the bigger picture that will punish the peasants and reward the Washington bourgeois? I’m just thankful John ‘Lurch’ Kerry is on our side…

Then we had the Navy Yard shooting and the guy was vetted by our laws and still passed a weapons and government background checks to purchase a weapon and work at the base. One could easily connect the dots and think that the government wants these things to happen on purpose so they can pretend to save us by taking away our rights. I haven’t heard anything mentioned but was this terrorism or just another case of ‘workplace’ violence like the Major Nidal Hasan incident? Also, CNN again tried their best to say it was one of those evil AR-15s that the deranged individual used but yet again they were wrong. Even though a weapon is only a tool and people are the ones who should always be blamed for their use of said tool, just like in Kenya. Which brings me to another point; in Kenya will those terrorists be tried under hate crime laws since the peaceful religion of Islam let their fellow travelers go while murdering Christians and Jews? Obviously there is a racial component to this as well which needs to be addressed by our wonderful and forthcoming State Department and of course the UN who never fails to miss an opportunity to praise only the religion of peace, but I won’t hold my breath.

Finally, thanks to www.Foxnews.com we have a report out today on Are American Malls Safe? Of course not because they say no one can be armed on their property or the city or state decrees this line of thought. However, criminals, terrorists and politicians are usually the ones who don’t abide by the laws (authors note – I realize criminals and politicians are synonyms) so the law only protects the property and people in theory. Just read about all those gangland shootings in Chicago and how those individuals are taunting the government bureaucrats by breaking the law. Everything is a soft target just like the powers that be want so when carnage erupts they can always point the finger at guns and not the acts of the individuals involved.  Lois Lerner broke the law and hurt people and groups but like the Benghazi perpetrators she’ll skate because she helped the administration. Remember, laws are only for the little people, or as Leona Helmsley said, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” I guess per the testimony of the IRS official taxes are voluntary. I think Judicial Watch should investigate and let us know that no one in DC pays taxes while those parasites continue to feast off of their host, We the People.  

The Kansas Kracker