Peter King is crying because he received ‘Vile’ phone calls because Ted Cruz dared to say what was on his mind so the people he is supposed to represent dared to call him out. Peter is a pussy and always will be and he is hated because he failed to answer to those few he screwed over for a few bucks from the broke Federal Government. Really Peter, most Americans find all of our DC reps ‘Vile’ as you all continue to sell us out for your last remains of an empire. We are vile and so are you as you represent the worst kind of people.

At least Ted has some class but you are the perfect example of a cockroach who wants what he thinks he deserves before the building collapses. Peter King sees only Peter King in the mirror because he is a typical politicians who wants a free ride, at least Ted Cruz has a set of balls and you should admire him before the USS Titanic Sinks.

Vile – That is the perfect word to describe any Politician who lives in DC. We hate you all and always will but your ride will be short.