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I’ve been watching South Park since their first episode and they are always spot on. This season starts with Eric Cartman infiltrating the NSA which spies on every American in hopes of blackmailing them to support their cause. They currently own everyone in DC including the 100 Senators, the 435 House Reps and probably 60% of the Supreme Court (aka, John Roberts finds it OK because they have something on him). I figure the easiest way to become a House Rep or a Senator is to be blackmailed into submission via your college ethics class. Those with high grades of an A or B are thrown out and those with a C or below are fast tracked to positions in DC to screw over their fellow Americans.  Consider it a weed out class. What does America stand for today:

If you are the ATF and allied in the Clinton administration and killing black people in Waco, TX, then you OK by the MSM standards but now you are selling cigarettes on the Black Market, 420 Million. Today the ATF acts just like the mafia kind of like the rest of the Government as those 420 million cigs were sold for profit to someone so the money could be laundered, just like Holder and the DOJ selling guns to Mexican Cartels. Today the Government acts just like the mafia but less honest, and that is why they put them out of business as they each ran the same scams. Numbers, Licensing, Legitimacy and anything else. The only difference between the mafia and the government is that the government hides behind bought black robes and the false legitimacy of the law that is sold to the proletariat class by the mainstream media. Scams abound and the connected Ivy League WASP class didn’t like the Italian and Irish Catholic class running the same scams so the WASPs hide behind the lies and the ‘legitimacy’ of the laws they write.

I find it ironic that when the Catholic Church and her Bishops and Cardinals are busted for a disgusting sex act the MSM (as they should be) is all over the news but when the follower of the State religion of Public schools commits the same felonies (teachers or administrators) nary a word comes from the New York Times or Washington Post. Why? Is the professed State religion better than that of the people. Why the double standard but you all know the reason why. A falsified bumper sticker called the Honor Roll. The children and Parents should just bow down to the sickness of the State.

Please, read up on the history of Public Education and John Dewey, John Taylor Gatto and Karl Marx and what followed. John Taylor Gatto is a great guy and will enlighten you while the other two enslave you. Teachers are generally good people but they’ve never heard of John Taylor Gatto but still teach for John Dewey (The angel of Death). Teachers are slaves, just like the rest of us and they too need to be enlightened to the brainwashing directed from DC as they’ve gone through the same brainwashing as the rest of us.

We all know Government sucks, so stand up to the Leviathan and make a difference. If not for yourself then for your children. If you doubt me, go to www.bureaucraticslave.com and go to the quotes tab and understand they are for real. Your gov’t hates you and wants to brainwash your children and has ever since your parents were born.