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So what has happened this week? Probably plenty but I’m going to focus on the kabuki theatre of the USA Banana Republic.

All of the DNC and her allies in the RNC (RINOS – McCain, Grahmnasty, King, Boehnor, etc…) decided to shut down the government because they passed the Orwellian named Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) not knowing what was in it (Thank you Wicked Witch of the West Nancy Pelosi (D)). The people behind the scenes running the show said our programming sucks and we won’t be ready so we need some more theatre to fool the American government educated sheep (aka pull the wool over their eyes for the recent college grads living in their parent’s basement that got a degree in gender identity studies).

The powers that be said the American people have been buying our bullshit since Teddy Roosevelt was in office and today we have a monopoly on the press so it should be in the bag (aka Shit, that is what is in the bag). After all the sheep have bought hook line and sinker our broke Social Security System (aka Ponzi Scheme or Bernie Madoff Heavy and to the nth degree for you newbies) that was brought about by FDR (D) for 75+ years. They also still think that Medicare and Medicaid are legit programs that I repeat do not steal from the young to care for the elderly (aka, Rob Peter to pay Paul as we spent the earlier money to buy votes to stay in power) which LBJ (D) brought about so let’s use another Ivy League puppet to introduce Hell on Earth (aka Government ran Healthcare) to further bankrupt the Republic and blame that on the Tea Party Republicans as well. Don’t worry, the media will support our ruse, just like they have in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and God only knows where else (Vietnam and Korea come to mind). 

That in a nut shell is why today we have a long planned orchestrated government shutdown and I bet the cruise liners are full this week as our non-essential federal employees booked their vacations about 3 months ago knowing full well this was coming (thanks to the cruise liner lobbyists). 

That is at least this Kansas Kracker’s thoughts and it is better theory than anything else I’ve heard on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or any other if DC’s propaganda outlets.

Good luck my fellow American’s, you are going to need it.