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Government ran healthcare is for the masses and about Love…the phone number even proves it F1UCKYO … nothing the government does is by accident.

Forget about honoring the American Indians, today our liberal overlords want to whitewash the past (Andrew Jackson -Democrat – Trail of Tears) so they focus in on the Washington Redskins for a name change. Don’t forget that FDR (Democrat) stole Japanese American assets and relocated them to internment (concentration) camps and never paid them back. I find it funny that most Native Americans (Indians) don’t want the name to change only those White Washington Whores who get the most kickbacks from the current administration, I guess nothing ever changes.

The Kunt from Kansas (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius. and our Government overlords continue to lie that everything with Obamacare is on schedule and that cost will go down; however, the people’s premiums and deductibles will go up. Did you actually believe the government would tell you the truth? The same government that steals from you every payday to support multiple Ponzi schemes that will eventually crash like a house of cards?

I know the liberals love Islam today because it isn’t Christianity and they hate all religion except government (a religion all unto itself) but Kuwait is trying to exclude gay people. Where is the liberal outrage? Now Obama and Reggie Love can’t go to Kuwait nor can women who dress to show off their assets. Where are the feminists and their silent outcries? Where are the artificial outcries of the left? Is it George W. Bushes fault like everything else?