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Bob Costas again went off on his progressive talking points (remember his anti-2nd amendment rant during the Cowboys game?) but this time it was against the supposed anti-Native American Name called the Redskins. I guess we should just rename all the States and cities that paid homage to those that were here when the supposed peach skinned settlers arrived from Europe. Des Moines, Iowa, should now be White River or Pale Murders kill Red Skins?  Should we just rewrite history Bob? I’m OK with some things but RedSkins isn’t a bad word and actually pays homage to the ‘Native’ Americans.   

To Bob I’ll point out that the name Oklahoma means the land of the Red Man. This isn’t a derogatory term but yet described those people who made their living outside under the sun. Oh how we could be so lucky to live like they did before progressive education stole the children and hid them inside prisons we call schools. Where is your rant now you short shit who hides in covered areas to be out of the sun to stay white as paper instead of doing meaningful work?

None-the-less I have some Ideas for Bob Costas which I hope he comments on, with his witty next televised event of what we could name teams that resides in the land of darkness (Washington DC which screws people over, including the Native Americans, aka Indians):

Bungling Bureaucrats

Corrupt Congresspeople (so PC I am – think Yoda)

Cowardly Congresspeople

Potomac Pedophiles

Congressional Cockroaches

Potomac Traitors

Washington $ Whores

Congressional Criminals

Potomac Ponzis

Federal Felons (I really think this is apt)

Please opine on these developments as an ardent liberal you should understand Andrew Jackson (Trail of Tears – forced removal of Native Americans) was a Democrat and also please opine how FDR (Democrat) stole Japanese American assets and never returned them. Just like Obamacare, Social Security and LBJ (Democrat) Medicare and Medicaid programs of stealing from the youth to pay for the old. I find it funny and ironic that the government educational system has yet to inform the youth of this Ponzi scheme, but then again the educational system isn’t set up to expand knowledge but to retain the slaves in perpetual slavery. Go Democrats, you fucking assholes and screw you Bob Costas.

The Kansas Kracker