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My last post was written while I was too inebriated and so I deleted it but this won’t be much better, or will it?

I love this Country but I hate this Government. For one, I don’t know why you would sign up today to fight for this country’s foreign wars to benefit the CIA’s soft interests and yet not see the threat here at home. I’m talking about the pledges from the Skull and Bones and their Poison Ivy League Friends who seem to benefit from all government contracts to enrich themselves and their corporate friends while sending the ‘Patriots’ overseas to enrich their benefactors. This has been going on since WWI and the patriots in the military need to now hold their oath of service to defend this nation against threats, both foreign and domestic as their highest honor.

Today there is no equality in the USA as the Orwellian ACA gives Indians (Native Americans) free healthcare. This must be because the Democrat Andrew Jackson created the Trail of Tears which gave the Fauxpontas of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, The blue-eyed devil, a free pass. Thankfully I was born in the USA so I’m a Native American so I’ll use this loop hole as should all of you. Loosely Legislation is the hallmark of the left so let all Native born people use this exemption to bankrupt the USA. The sooner the better as then we can actually start over with sanity.

A former gang member in Chicago bring out the truth that the powers that be allow the CIA approved Mexican cartels to own the streets of Chicago. I’ll contend that the drug busts by the police and the DEA are only against those unapproved cartels who got greedy and are operating outside of the preapproved channels. We invaded Afghanistan and fought the Russians only for the poppy trade, not to save Middle America.  Is there any question that our own DOJ (Department of Justice – what a joke) supplied weapons to CIA approved drug cartels to enrich their already fat bank accounts overseas, while at the same time killing brown people? (I know how the left loves diversity but can predictably look away when it comes to running guns to other countries that reduce population – think Margaret Sanger)  Why do you think Rahm Emanuel was shoed in as the mayor even though by law he didn’t have the residency requirements (Think Cory Booker in New Jersey). The liberal left doesn’t care about the death of black people, which started with Margaret Sanger and continues with their genocide multi-decade of abortion of black babies. Why should they care? They provide subsidies forever via the taxpayers so their baby sacrifices to Lucifer are just another bookkeeping entry to retain their earthly power.

Finally, I’ll comment on the theatrical shutdown of the government. I loved how our bosses already had pre-printed signs that tried to cause the most harm (I believe they said “make it hurt”) to Americans by shutting down taxpayer owned Parks. Why didn’t the aptly dressed NPS Brown shirts keep animals out?  After all, Darwin said we are all just mammals so shouldn’t humans be treated the same as squirrels? Aren’t we all equal on that scale and judgment? Should judgment be handed out upon all our deaths? Oh wait the all-knowing gov’t decided once again to make our lives miserable and once again the American public (outside the Federal workforce and academia) realized how worthless they truly are. Don’t worry Schools are just as bad, once you realize how corrupt they are and how logic is lost upon all our children, then you began to realize the decay that was wrought by Federal Overlords. Do me a favor and don’t vote – as P.J. O’Rourke said, “It only encourages the Bastards.”

The Kansas Kracker