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I can’t stand this individual, Kathleen Sebelius, for a multitude of reasons but putting her in charge of Health and Human Services (HHS), oh how the Nazi’s would have been proud of putting her in charge of trains, can be a little bit misleading. She is the prime example of a government employee, accountable to no one and rewarded for her incompetence but paid for being furloughed because her expertise was missed, because she could of made the lives of the citizens more miserable. When she wasn’t supporting the killing of babies she was extorting the insurance companies for kickbacks. She only took the Orwellian named HHS position to allow herself more power to provide more victims/sacrifices to her dark Master (and I’m not talking about Obama, yet they both serve the same Master).

Gary North on his www.teapartyeconomist.com site has a great interview from CNN: she even admits she never told him (Obama for the ignorant amongst us) it wouldn’t work, but then again you never want to be the person who brings bad news to the Emperor.

Everything the government takes control of turns into a turd (Thank you John Stewart). Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and so is Medicare and Medicaid and yet the masses want more of the government drug to solve their problems because they control us via education and then employment (taxes, insurance, 401K,). We are in the middle of a shit storm that can’t be stopped and it has to be stopped or at the least be reset. We have to go back to the US Constitution and let the States play a part because the Progressive experiment of Federal control over the last 100 years has been a complete failure and you have the Poison Ivy League graduates to thank for it. It wasn’t the proletariat or the farmer rather it was the Best of the Ivy Class of who screwed up the whole American experience to enrich themselves and their cohorts at the expense of the common man. We sold out our birthright because the media said they were better than us.

Go to a dirt track racing event on a Saturday night and tell me one of those elitist pricks from the NE could fix a problem in 5 minutes to get you out on the track (I can’t but at least I admit it yet they’ll spin you a yarn that you believe that you’d benefit years down the road at 14%), yet alone 5 decades and you have your answer. They only play the game to enrich themselves and once middle America realizes this, then they are done and the sooner the better. By the way they’ve been playing us since Teddy Roosevelt.

The Kansas Kracker