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Where do we start this post?

Kathleen Sebelius told the world she won’t testify in front of Congress (or will she now) about her ineptitude. She is the poster child, along with Eric Holder, of why the private sector is much more efficient and rewarding than the public sector. These people never lose their power or salaries from their stupidity, yet they gain more power by making the proletariats life miserable. So private industry rewards service and innovation and the public sector rewards chains and misery. Kathleen has supported death (The D in DNC stands for Death) since her time as the Governor of Kansas. Then it was the unborn, now it is the rest of us. Nothing works, no one wants it (way to go fellow Americans) and perhaps this was the Rubicon that will finally result in the Democrats demise. It is understandable after their passage of the Ponzi schemes known as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and after 80 years the people have finally woken from their slumber.

That brings us to Peter Schweizer and his new book Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets. He written several other books like the memorable Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, but this time the NY Times and 60 minutes jumped on board, when they say enough is enough you know things are bad. Now you know why the Government wanted to get rid of the mafia, they didn’t want any competition; after all they run the same scams, the government just on a much larger level. Just ask Kathleen Sebelius and her connection to insurance kickbacks from her time in Kansas during and before her governorship.

Now Senate and House of Representative Democrats, remember America the honest wicked witch of the West Nancy Pelosi (D – California) said, “we must pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” are back tracking and want to delay the illegal mandate since they are up for reelection.

In relation to the unaffordable Orwellian named Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Feds have told BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) . I can’t believe what I’ve read from the most transparent administration ever. What will the tell me next? That Benghazi was in the past so get over it and the same with the guns our government ran to Mexico to support a certain side in the drug trade which ended up killing American citizens. How long have I been lied to? Who is responsible? Is it just the Government? Nope it is also Academia, Big Business and Big Media, but in the web of life they are all the same.

On a lighter note, not that they’ll hear: The Feds try and shut down a hearing impaired housing complex because it discriminates against, wait for it….those without hearing difficulties. Yes, the stupidity of bureaucrats everywhere has finally come full circle and I can almost bet the person making this ruling either graduated from the Poison Ivy League Cartel or is a member of the Democratic Party. People, you can’t make this shit up as this is pure bureaucraticslave gold.

To my fellow Americans, rest in peace tonight knowing your benevolent overlords watch over you who only demand slightly over a pound of flesh for each pound you currently are lucky enough to possess. Have faith in the Good Lord as in today’s age it is impossible to have faith in government.

The Kansas Kracker