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I apologize to my millions of readers as I took a little hiatus so I’ll try and catch you all up what has happened in Alice in Wonderland (aka USA) over the last couple of weeks.

We will start off with POTUS (Pinocchio and Chief of the United States) who promised 29 times on video you can keep your healthcare and doctor but now it turns out millions are losing their insurance and the government website is in shambles (which is what government does to everything, just look at Detroit). What do expect from a President who is from the Hawaii, Kenya, Connecticut, and Indonesia? I guess only he, God, Satan or his minions (Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Bloomberg, Clintons, DNC, DC master elite, Ivy League Grads, etc…) knows where he was truly born. I do love that the candle on the cake like all the other false government Ponzi schemes (cake) was instituted by the treasonous party known as the DNC, such as, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. What a country where you can buy votes with the next generations labor…sounds a lot like slavery and it is….

An Alabama trucking company was shut down because a couple of trucks at some suspect tires. Me thinks they didn’t tithe to the proper political candidates or party and this sounds like a shakedown under the RICO statutes but don’t hold your breath. The Government is a monopoly and they put the mafia in their place as they don’t like competition from more competent organizations that provide actual services they promise for paid protection money.

The Ivy League corruption continues as Michelle Obama’s roommate helped facilitate and build the faulty www.Healthcare.gov website for a shit ton of money of which I’m sure some was funneled back to the Obamas or at least the DNC. DC is awash in laundered money and it should be turned into the largest prison on the face of the Earth outside of North Korea. Where are the Congressional investigations? Oh that is right; most of them come from the same cesspool of corruption and nepotism. Granted nepotism is family members but when it comes from the Ivy League cabal we should come up with a new name (not cronyism as that is just friends and those people are all pricks) but how about Ivyism or Elitism? I don’t like either of those ‘words’ but I’m not that great with etymology since I went through public schooling so I’ll leave it up to my loyal followers. I just know you can’t trust any of those assholes that graduated from those corrupted NE liberal establishments and those are my words of wisdom for the week.

…or we could ask the commie Berkley students for their two cents on the issue for a new word since they want to do away with the term ‘illegal immigrant’ which is funny because my wife was a legal alien (aka immigrant) before gaining citizenship but you never hear or see the MSM treasonous bastards interview legal immigrants who went through the process…I wonder why as most of them are better citizens than those of us born here!  Could it be their DC satanic masters told them not to why they continue their quest to destroy our Culture, Country and Constitution while at the same time padding their overseas bank accounts?

It looks like the Government is discriminating against Red States when it comes to insurance. I’m shocked this administration would target their enemies both fiscally and economically. It isn’t like they used the IRS to target libertarian and conservative organizations and reward their fellow travelers with dictator like exceptions decreed from upon high that weren’t written in the law. Then again the law is only for the little people (the proletariat) and the self-appointed elitist thieves can’t be troubled by words and phrases that happen to represent the law which they wrote, remember that Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass it so we know what is in it”, like the cancelation of insurance contracts stipulated by our benevolent and corrupted Overlords. After all that is why they ignore the US Constitution on a daily basis, because it is just a string of words that exist in a ‘living document’. In that case all laws are living and we should be able to interpret them as we please, so let us all play their same game, it will be like WarGames…cue Mathew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam (white Democrat) refuses to shake hand of conservative black man after debate. The DNC sure has supported the KKK for a long time, along with La Raza and the NAACP, since they switched sides. I’m not surprised about this and neither should my fellow Americans if they actually learned the true history of this country outside of government sanctioned schools and their textbooks ran by the DNC and the allies in the Department of Education. One wonders if schooling isn’t a government approved religion unto itself with all the Priests and Priestesses raping their underlying’s…they put the Catholic Church to shame. At least the Catholic Church has voluntary tithes; the government ran churches (schools) the money is forced from the property owners once a year via the threat of eviction.

Sex Abuse Scandal Rocks Public Schools by Bill Donohue

Chuck Schumer wants GPS for autistic kids and I agree but he should attach to the bill that all elected officials should be tracked via GPS so we know when they violate the law. Their cell phones and emails accounts should also be made public in the interest of government transparency. How could the NSA disagree with this proposal? After all they want all the info they can have as a shadow government organization so they can blackmail our elected officials at will to influence legislative outcome. Call it the Snowden Act Chuckie…

Finally, I leave you all with an Al Gore tribute to the saving of Mother Earth by going Green. It appears a connected Obama Green Energy Solar Energy firm left behind a toxic mess and they took ‘stimulus money’. As with most energy firms that took ‘stimulus money’ and went bankrupt (aka forced contributions from taxpayers of which a portion would be kicked backed to the DNC via standard money laundering techniques) they couldn’t produce a viable produce. Granted the early investors made a fortune once they tithed their offerings to the Church of the State but yet like Wall Street no one has gone to jail and I’ve heard not a peep from the Sierra Club or the MSM…by the way on an unrelated note where is Cindy Sheehan

The Kansas Kracker wishes my fellow Americans a good night while you can still have one but for once let me explain my selfish title. I have now realized I’m the unfortunate son of two privileged ‘white’ Swedish immigrant offspring parents whose families happened to come to America after the Civil War and before the State instituted Slavery know as the 16th amendment and I have done some of the nastiest jobs on the face of the planet (I’ve worked in restaurants, cleaned wet grain bins, detasseled corn, worked hogs and cattle, packaged fiberglass insulation, cleaned melter pots, sat in a cubical as of late and at the end of 12 hour days smelled like shit and enjoyed it after 12 beers and I’d do it again. I know people out there have done more than I but I didn’t sit around with a silver spoon in my mouth and to top it off I married a legal immigrant so my diversity cred (whatever the hell diversity means anymore) is one for the ages. It is sad when legal immigrants have more faith in the American Dream than those born here but I get it. Hell, they came from 60%+ tax rates so I guess America does look like freedom but we are regressing towards the norm as our country turns into the few DC and Wall Street elitist who write the rules living off the many who have to support their speculating endeavors. I’ll leave you with this, if you want to change the world you can, if you have no faith in the government you aren’t alone, but understand that government sponsored education is not about knowledge but about conformity and please read John Taylor Gatto and if you don’t, at least introduce the man to you children. The lies out there are many and everything the government touches is radioactive, just look at www.healthcare.gov. We don’t live in the land of the free any longer, but rather the land of the enslaved. Most of our ‘elected’ leaders are in on the scam as they chose Earthly fame and money over integrity and honesty so be careful and do not trust the authorities as they only have themselves to blame.

The Kansas Kracker