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You really can’t make this shit up…

In Sweden an Ice Hotel was forced to install fire alarms.+

A couple was forced to remove a garden they had for 17 years. And I was born in America…the land of the free…excuse me the land of the overregulated citizen by the incompetent masters who know what is best and they live in heavily regulated gated communities and whose salary is paid for by the taxpayer. It is a fucking garden and maybe Moochelle Obama can stop by and call it a food desert zip code and grant them a pardon from their bureaucratic overlords. HOAs were created by the Devil’s spawn but apparently government was created by Lucifer himself. I for one think that the three gates to Hell exists currently in Washington DC, New York (UN building) and Brussels (Home of the idiotic EU).

The town FEMA turned down because it is too religious and won’t give them funds after Sandy’s destruction.  Then again they’ve been hoarding funds but the MSM never utters a word, unlike when George W. Bush was in office and Andrew destroyed New Orleans but double standards are the status quo today. This happens all the time in government and why they hate God. The Government of every town/city/county/State/Country always has to try and disprove God because they think they are the One. The US Government thinks this way as well. They have to destroy God to make themselves feel important. This is why they break all his commandants like though shalt not murder (unless you are selling drugs without kickbacks – if you are the CIA/DEA will eliminate you) and steal (taxes) and honor your parents (the lawyer guild has made divorce so easy and it benefits so many industries like the realtors who can sell more houses and the insurance industry who profits with more policies). This is why God has to be destroyed and the perfect vessel is John Dewey’s creation of modern day pedagogy (government built schools (aka government churches) created from stolen funds) which explain nothing but destroys innocent and lost souls and lead to leaders as such…

PB&J sandwiches are racist. You literally can’t make this shit up. A fortunate immigrant to the US who decided to go into protected class status (aka education) says Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are racists. Ms. Gutierrez, the principle of Harvey-Scott K-8 in Portland, Oregon, never thought too much of those poor Greeks who went to Mexico and never saw a taco shell and felt violated or even raped because they don’t know tortillas, only pita bread, and if you watch the news we know those government school employees never rape their unsuspecting victims (aka students). We all know the Catholic Church and their sick sins and they periodically have to face up to such crimes but the priests at the Government Churches, we call schools, should have immunity from prosecution from raping those in their flock. But I ask aren’t the church and schools one and the same in modern day society? One teaches about the invisible God of love and his trite ten commandments and the other teaches about the ever present master with his million petty rules and regulations. Who would you rather serve? 

I’ll end with the Obamacare/DNC (Democrats) marriage penalty. The government in today’s world hates the family more than anything else. It is the glue, the fabric that holds communities together yet the government at every turn looks to destroy this structure. It actually supports divorce to increase the fees to lawyers (the DNC primary funders) and increase the sales of homes (so the realtors are for it). Obamacare will do the same as it punishes the productive and responsible family class. After all, the government yearns to be the mom and dad to us all, and this is why we have schools. You individuals are too stupid to raise your children without our expertise, just look at all the good we’ve done, just look at Detroit. We run Ponzi schemes via ‘Social InSecurity’ and outright fraud via the Medicare mechanism, as we rob Peter (young) to pay Paul (old). Granted this was designed to breakdown the family structure but we as the government had to buy a lot of votes along the way to see our utopia and that isn’t cheap so we have to use your money against you and that was one of the hallmarks of the 16th amendment, that and predetermined and faked wars to enrich the Poison Ivy League few.

The Kansas Kracker says Goodnight to America in more ways than one…