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I forgot to add one thing in JFK’s death and that was he was immoral. Granted JFK and Bobby were better than Ted but Joe, their dad was real piece of work. Hell is real, it is where politicians go when they die and that is why the Greeks created Hades and it is because of what they knew 3000 years ago.

Ethics classes in colleges today are designed not to find the students who get A’s and B’s but those that get D’s and F’s. Those that get low grades go into office and those that get high grades go into good families.

Case in point…if I was on a jury were a guy drove off a bridge and killed a female passenger I’d vote them innocent because the water killed the passenger not the judgment of the driver after a couple of innocent drinks and then support them to the Senate for as many years as possible on name only. It isn’t like JFK and Bobby didn’t nail chicks that wondered innocently across their taxpayer funded offices on a regular basis but their moral compass was higher than their treasonous brother Ted; however, the NSA/FBI/JEH of the day spun their knowledge like they do today (blackmail gets things done – some things never change in DC). Their dad Joe was an ass to the n’th degree but yet the media thinks this family walks on water and it is a sad state of affairs for the County. Granted I think JFK was killed by the US Government or one of her agencies and Bobby too because they realized the sins of their father but they wanted to make things right and in the end it resulted in their six feet under naps and Teddy being a lapdog for the Poison Ivy League powers that be….

Call me crazy but I think I’m sane

The Kansas Kracker