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Today is the 50th anniversary of the killing of JFK. Who did it? Was it a communist or was it the American Progressive LBJ with the help of the FBI and CIA? Perhaps it was Moscow or Havana but I don’t think we’ll ever find out. I put about as much faith in the Warren Commission report as I do in State Department reports approved by their former boss Hillary Clinton, the Census Bureau, or words uttered by Jay Carney, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Barry Obama.

Alec Baldwin decided to speak again and still very few repercussions, except MSNBC may cancel his show. Obviously he hates fags,  who doesn’t, which is only a testimonial to his hatred of smoking (which is slang for a cigarette when hypocritical liberals aren’t around to destroy the meaning of word long in use) and so the leftist press gives him a free pass for his courageous stand his ground defense to save society from second-hand smoke. Actually, a rare ally came out of the wood work in Ann Coulter to defend Mr. Baldwin but it wasn’t for his stand against smoking.

16 cities foreign governments warn their citizens about if the visit the former great Republic called the United States of America. I can’t believe the Washington Compost actually printed this as it a storied history of leftist control of cities and their policies of destruction. Maybe the tide is turning….but I won’t hold my breath.

Will they run their next story on the Knock-Out games? Check out Thomas Sowell and his piece on this new age BHO/DNC phenomenon. Where are Barry Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Emmanuel Cleaver and a host of other protected political class individuals when the country needs them? I know, hoping a racial conflict happens so the government ran MSM class can spin the truth that Thomas Sowell writes about. Another great article/interview I came across this week is about the destruction of America’s youth is by Charles Payne. Here is another story about how our communist journalists hide the truth by David Paulin about the racist hate crimes and the underpinnings of the Knock-Out Game.

Republican Florida Representative Trey Radel is busted for cocaine possession. Interesting enough the DEA busted a small time user I’m sure from information cleaned by the NSA illegally so they could then blackmail him into submission. This is how our democracy in DC works after all, don’t believe the government approved textbooks, it is all about committing crimes and being lead in the ‘proper’ direction and that is how things get done. Just ask JFK and Gerald Ford

Since I started my post with a plausible conspiracy I’ll go ahead and end with one as well. The CIA and the US Government will stay in Afghanistan a little bit longer to profit from the poppies…As the NY Times (which has been practicing yellow journalism for over 100 years) mentions, the government will keep troops in the region for another decade which I assume is to solidify the poppy growing and transportation infrastructure. Bill Clinton and the US gov’t gave the Taliban $2B (I can’t believe I’m linking a ww.cfr.org article) of stolen taxpayer money and they eventually blew up some UNESECO Buddha statues and then destroyed the poppies the CIA wanted. Afghanistan is just an extension of Vietnam and the drug trade as we’ve never fought more two worthless wars and spent more money on nothing but to enrich a select few government connected corporations. I have nothing against either country as I’m sure they are beautiful as are the people but neither of these wars were contrived to save or free people but rather to use the blunt instrument of the US armed forces to create a play area for the Poison Ivy League (CIA/FBI/DEA/DHS) connected bureaucrats, politicians and their corporate benefactor brethren to profit off the misery of others. After all,  the Skull and Bones of Yale perfected using crime by their fellow members as a useful tool to blackmail their fellow conspirators to assist each other throughout their connected lives and not rat each other out. That in a nut shell is why war is fought today by the CIA (Ivy League cats) for the benefit of their connected friends.

I hope my 10 (million) readers like my very plausible conspiracy theory.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker