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This is a great link and follow-up by Gary North. Who is Barack Obama? I think it adds to the behind the scenes intrigue that is the Presidency. I didn’t trust George W. Bush because his pappy and grand pappy all went to an Ivy League school but so did BHO but the Bushes worked for the CIA and I expect the same from their Ivy League brethren, BHO and his favorable treatment by the MSM and his free pass, so much for journalism. Ironically, so does Hillary and her husband via the Fabian British at Oxford which extends to America today. Hell, the only outcast is Reagan and we know how the press vilified him.
The whole world is a shakedown by the homosexual leftists, such as Hillary and Barry. Hillary only slept with men when it became politically convenient, as Chelsea is probably Webster Hubble’s kid (I do feel sorry for her) as he was killed in prison and yet no investigation. Hillary only slept with him to progresses her agenda as she today snuggles with Anthony Wiener’s wife Huma (of the Muslim Brotherhood). Obama is rumored to like the same the sex and the same with pretty boy Lindsey Grahmnesty and many more in the halls of power. Maybe we’ve all been lied to by our fake elected officials.
I could care less if you like the same sex but at least be honest as if you aren’t you are subject to blackmail and I think we’ve been there for some time (decades). Our supposed leaders are all immoral and corrupt and if they do sway to the same sex they’ve been corrupted for some time by the powers that be for that exact purpose. Transparency is a word uttered often by our supposed leaders but that word is not present in the dictionary of DC.
The Kansas Kracker