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This week is a special week because the Progressive Democrats (and Republican) have to pay homage to their Lord and Savor…Satan…while the rest of wish to say thanks to the Lord our God for helping establish this holiday. Granted, not everything went smoothly over the years but the worst offenders were not the settlers but rather those that followed with their allegiance to the ‘C’rown and wished their will upon the masses (e.g., those that want to control all aspect of life for the masses).  Like Poison Ivy League grads who control government and big business and work together to screw us all over (but that is an editorial for another day).

Today I don’t want to destroy your Thanksgiving, I’ll leave that to the DNC (Demon or Devil National Convention) after all they are one and the same.

Sarah Palin (the Alaskan Fox) and lying bitch according to the MSM and political class, Mark Halperin, comes out and says ‘Death Panels’ are real. Well duh, the US is broke and the gov’t has to kill the people that they previously promised ‘benefits’ too so they can save some face and continue to make FDR and LBJ ‘leftist icons’ look like gov’t saints. I guess death is sweet as it excludes you from the punishment of time, just ask FDR and LBJ. Their kook communist policies still exist and they are exempt from their horrors, but at least the DNC incumbents are in their death throws in 2014 as they scramble to explain why they voted for it (too find out what was in it…according to their leader Nancy ‘The Corrupt Bitch’ Pelosi’ to their peers in middle America.

According to FoxNews 80MM (that is 80 million) with employer healthcare coverage will lose their ‘benefits.’ This takes me back to the great Mark Chestnut song called the Broken Promise Land. This song is about cheating on his wife but that is how the government today treats her subjects. We are supposed to have a relationship and the people control the gov’t but since around 1913 the government has been lying and cheating on her husband…the American people. The divorce is inevitable so I think we should just get it over with. We should divide the liabilities and give the Bushes, Gores, Soros and Obamas to the Chinese for all past debts..and we’ll include the Reids, Pelosis, McCains and Boehners for good measure to make due on our promises; however, I think the Chinese will hold this grudge for the next millennium and rightfully so.

I see Hillary “What difference does it make” Clinton visited the Chicago branch of influence and spoke to the CME for a cool $450K. I wonder what they expect after the next faked election in 2016, just like Goldman Sachs got the same warm welcome after they shelled out similar funds for the next theatre production we call elections?  Our Country has turned into a running joke and until the cards come crashing down the connected groups are doing what they can to stay afloat. I couldn’t imagine Hillary Clinton as a life vest but that is what she is today after what Barack Obama has done to the Democratic party.

If you like the only respectable branch of our government, the military, don’t venture to a Huntington Beach as a bar with a sign that says “Thank a Veteran for your Freedom” is under assault from the local PC Stazi/Gestapo/Police State authorities because someone complained.  Why didn’t this individual complain at the nearest Applebee’s or is this just another Democrat contrived set up in a conservative part of town. To the owners of this bar…dig deeper as you have been set up and the State is wanting you to conform to their new and updated standards of conformity.

Lara Logan gets cornered and takes some time off because she dared to challenge the White House and then they and the State Department set her up with false information. A great day in Democracy for Western values you fake leftist assholes because I forgot that Benghazi existed because of a Coptic Christian’s poor video but yet the journalists suck Jay Carney’s semen …Thanks for nothing and that is Reggie Love’s job.

The West ‘aka John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack ‘I love Muslims more then Americans’ Obama kept their talks with Iran secret over the last year. A behind the scene conversation… (Barack, Kerry and Clinton) After all I went to a Poison Ivy League school and we hate those Jews and we control the government so screw them. But the neocons control everything except the communist State, Treasury, FBI and NSA departments and we also control everything else like the press and academia which supports this long held mythology by the Blacks and Hispanics to support the DNC because of all the goodies we hand out. Screw the Jews “said Hillary, Reid, Kerry and Obama” and their right of existence, we’ve convinced most of Manhattan to support our treasonous ideals. And that is where we are today…The party of death and the Devil is ramping up for their final show….

and I’ll leave with the following. After the supposed Iran deal that was struck the other day, a former hostage who happened to live the horror 30+ years ago. Basically, he said that this is Carter all over again so I say we are just passing the baton from one Anti-Semitic and the worst President to another who now holds the thrown of the most Anti-Semitic President and worst POTUS at the same time. Thank You BHO for taking both titles in one swell swoop from Carter. The Rights vision has come true and we didn’t have to do a damn thing.

The Kansas Kracker says Happy Thanksgiving America, enjoy it while you can as Agenda 21 and the UN will soon have you giving thanks to Allah and not God, granted they’ve never cared if they’ve offended the Indians but the UN is full of shit..

The Kansas Kracker