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As the Bureaucratic Slave Master I couldn’t help but add one more post tonight about our dying Republic. Damn, it is good to be lawyer working for the government who remembers nothing over 80 times, like William Wilkins. He will be a shoe in for the chief legal council for Hillary “What difference does it make” Clinton. It isn’t like the IRS violated the law but then again under this administration the law is malleable. I briefly researched the net I couldn’t find a damn thing about where he, William Wilkins, went to school, it is kind of like Obama’s fake “Harvard Constitutional background” but if the DNC says it is true it has to be true, because the pansy Republicans won’t challenge a thing as they are in on the charade. 

To my millions, or is it billions of readers (I’m going on healthcare.gov and HHS/BLS fake statistic counting numbers). One thing today was I liked this article on revolution which the left is so high upon. The left is all about overthrowing everything but what if the Right wakes up and does it? After all the most talked about transparent administration in the history of America is as opaque as Woodrow Wilson goes down in flames then what happens? Let us take a look at the IRS and her recent illegal activities…But of course the courts, like the NSA fourth amendment violations will be deemed legal and then all hell breaks lose and the bullets fly. But of course the American people look upon the ‘justice’ system like they do the IRS and only the Poison Ivy League has themselves to blame, as our legal and economic systems have turned into a Stalinist joke…enjoy the following links…

http://www.gatorcountry.com/swampgas/threads/william-wilkins-of-irs-cant-recall-eighty-times.279510/ (great read – a man or women after my own heart)









Where did William Wilkins go to school and what does he know? America, believe nothing that comes out of DC…

The Kansas Kracker