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Where do we start this week’s lesson?

If you are the Sage of Omaha and want to get rich then get in bed with the government and the DNC. I don’t know who profited off the taxpayers funds in this linked RailRoad article deal but I’ll utilize him as an example. It is no secret Warren Buffet made a lot of his money through his crony connections as he is always in the right place at the right time and in this case it was railroads (which his has invested heavily) but he has done well with banks too. So like he you have to invest only in corporations that are strongly tied to government bailouts, money laundering operations like Solyndra and other ‘Green Energy scams’, wars, or yellow journalism (which get paid back in election cycle funds aka the WaPO or better known as the Washington Compost). Here is how it goes down:

Step 1: Buy or Start a Company

Step 2: Blackmail or Buy a Senator/Representative or two or three

Step 3: Cycle funds from said Senator/Representative back to Washington

Step 4: Get Rich and continue Cycle

Step 5: Write a book about your successful investment philosophy

Step 6: Give money to a University and collect as many honorable degrees as possible

Step 7: Die a Legend

To my millions of readers you just earned an MBA in Business so type something up in Word and put it in a frame an tack it to your wall. I just saved you a $100 grand and my advice was free.

I read Obama is going to Tehran. I guess instituting the Muslim Bros across the Maghreb and Egypt wasn’t enough (though it backfired) now he is going into the lions den to deal with Jimmy Carter’s friends. I hear the Iranians are nice as long as they aren’t in power but I doubt Obama is going to meet the peasants to hear about their trivial problems when compared to the bigger issues of the State.

Also in the news, California lawmakers vote themselves a pay raise after putting their State further in debt and approving untold bad legislation to benefit their cronies. Too bad you and me don’t have this same luxury with our employer. Why these individuals are working for California is beyond me as they should be in Congress with their aptitude stupidity. God Bless the USA.

That leads me to this next gem of information that Congress has an approval rating below (< – that is less than for my Democrat readers) 6%, compliments to the Washington Examiner. The Republic is healthy (or the Democracy) for my Poison Ivy League educated followers as they are very different but you don’t give a shit and believe they are one and the same.

You have to read this fantastic piece about the Boomer Bust by P.J. O’Rourke one of my idols and spawns of the late H.L. Mencken when it comes to political satire. You have to read anything these two write as it will propel you to the top of the food chain but the downside is that it will isolate your from liberal groupthink circles. I realize that this is an unfair trade-off but in the long run is worth it.

Back to Obamacare, ACA (That is Affordable Care Act for you ignorant rednecks which happened to raise the price of everything you ignorant fools). Apparently the hacking community says the website is full of holes, which is by my guess by purpose so the DNC can mine and steal your data. Nothing this administration does is by accident and the parallels are eerily similar to Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. Basically today the Government is all about controlling all individuals in every facet of their lives and the net continues to tighten, I think of the all seeing Eye of Sauron. It started long ago but accelerated under Bush with the Patriot Act and has been put into overdrive under our current dictatorship. America, you had a good run and could possibility again but your have to find your footing and throw out the current crop of shit from the Ivy League and replace it with middle American electricians and plumbers, preferably who haven’t been unionized.  (To all you Toilken fans, like I, he was a Christian just like C.S. Lewis so the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings had a very Christian bent and tone to the message and for that I can’t believe the public schools haven’t banned him yet but give it time as they hate competition – the hallmark of unfettered capitalism).

Darrell Issa, according to the Washington Times is getting blowback from the FBI into his inquiry of the IRS shenanigans. This isn’t surprising as the FBI only exists to protect the political (Poison Ivy League and a few others) class and has been the case since Hoover (the gay cross dressing – not that there is anything wrong with this except it exposes you to blackmail) was in charge. Now the FBI (Famous But Incompetent – I read that in the comments somewhere) is in charge of policing the IRS which violated the law. So a bunch of Poison Ivy League grads from the FBI are protecting the same in the IRS (and I’m sure many other alphabet soup agencies). Hell, the average American doesn’t stand a chance against the Leviathan (aka – The Government) and I’m for sure to get audited but hell I’ll blog about the Guantanamo like torture and it will expand my readership twenty-fold (which isn’t much). Washington DC has turned into a web of interconnected scum protecting each other reality. The most transparent administration in history has been a black hole which Jay Carney and his PR ilk would spin into light and CNN and MSNBC would call enlightenment. God Help Us All and I ain’t talking about the bureaucrats in DC, but the real one which the government religion tries to downplay that never existed because Satan hates competition…which parallels nicely with why Socialism and Communism hate true Capitalism…. Jesus we need you now more then ever…

Finally I leave you with two wonderful stories of our modern day bureaucratic State and why I started this blog and www.bureaucraticslave.com. Why Government is the answer to all our social ills and how we should be grateful to our bureaucratic masters.

The first story is about an 11 year-old selling mistletoe for braces in Portland, Oregon a bastion of Freedom (please realize I just threw up a little). I like this article on FoxNews.com about Guy Fieri about him selling balloons and pretzels to live in France for a year when he was 16. You should read what the Founder Fathers did when they were that age, but then again that scares our masters in DC and that is why our public schools don’t teach about the individual accomplishments of our Founding Fathers (please read this www.johntaylorgatto.com to understand the bigger picture)+

A man in San Diego (yes the City whose DNC mayor harassed women and only had to go to rehab) arrested a man and wants to charge him with a felony for trimming bushes. The gentlemen in question was doing the city’s job because the overgrown public shrubbery was housing homeless people and causing an issue in the neighborhood which the city wouldn’t address. Yes, this is a metaphor for what America has become. A cesspool of Poison Ivy League over educated and state approved idiots running government to benefit the few over the many so the DNC can gain a dictatorship over the populace. It has been this way since Woodrow Wilson took charge and LBJ instituted his War on Poverty which was really meant to extend government nanny ship into infinity.

The Kansas Kracker