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According to www.fastcompany.com, a foolish green ‘Al Gore’ sycophant was arrested for stealing $0.05 worth of electricity from the school district. He stole electricity from a school district which his son attends. So if I understand this correctly, a school system that is designed by and functions on the element of theft is now accusing a user of the system of stealing. Ok I got it but when I went through the system this wasn’t ever told to me, as I just figured it out on my own because no one in the system told me the truth. So how does a system built on theft (involuntary taxes) accuse someone else of theft from which they stole funds from? This is like the government or mafia blaming someone for stealing from them based upon their own instituted shakedown schemes. How does the thief have a right to blame the thief who they stole from in the first place? Now that is an interesting question that my ill-equipped brain can’t comprehend, can yours? 

A 10-year old is suspended for an imaginary arrow so now I guess we should suspend history and not mention any weapons of conquest or Gemini or Sagittarius. Who would actually believe that Native Americans used arrows against each other as they only killed animals and not other human beings or rival tribes for hunting grounds. Thankfully the Rutherford Institute has taken up this boys plight against the bureaucraticslave masters as our government education establishment has turned into a carbon copy of the Stasi. That being said the tactics utilized by the East Germans are now used by our own government and her educated public teachers and administrators on the front line to sacrifice the life of 10 year old boy on the alter of terrorist tactics to ruin his permanent file (which is a Stasi story unto itself that will never be mentioned in the school system because they have never learned the same Communist tools espoused by Marx and Lenin and John Dewey – by the way the Bushes are heavily involved in education and they are as Progressive as Wilson, LBJ, Clinton, Carter and Obama). Janet Napolitano, the DNC, the Department of Education (or Indoctrination) and the DHS must be so proud how far our public school system has come. Our buildings look better than Eastern Europe State sponsored concrete halls of learning but the curriculum is the same and is just as effective. God Help Us All.

Finally, today I’ll leave you a story of an innocent 6 year-old who kissed a check and a hand but now his permanent file is forever corrupted and tarnished by a bunch of illiterate and incompetent Colorado school bureaucrats who know better than human nature.  Again, the fact that each of us has a permanent record is Orwellian and Stasi like but this America today, the land of the free (shit I just vomited) and the home of the enslaved.

The reason for these posts isn’t because of the actions of the 10-year old and a 6-year old and their alleged transgressions, my point of posting these stories is that we have permanent files on each of us that have existed since we entered the Stasi supported government school system. I encourage every one of you to read the information at http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/, it will change your life or at http://chalcedon.edu/research/books/the-messianic-character-of-american-education-2/. What you think is good for you isn’t and what I mean by that is that government and her plans are evil. There are good people that work for the government but the decision makers only look out for themselves and their Poison Ivy League benefactors. Social Security is a scam that is broke and Medicare/Medicaid are outright scams especially with Obamacare that are broke that the young can never pay for. Our government has pitted the young against their grandparents and excused themselves from this immoral discussion they’ve created but once the young realize the charade the gig is up. Democrats have bankrupted cities, counties and now communities as they are responsible for all of the false promises.

I’m conservative because I believe in family values but I’m also very libertarian, something the democrats claim to be but in practice abhor. They, the DNC always want to control your lives through work, education and taxes but they’ve bankrupted the country as they’ve always been in control since the early 1900’s. There have been Republican presidents but the Congress has always been controlled by the DNC. Our country is broke because of these false promises and now we have to pay the piper…if only I or my children spoke Mandarin (PS – I love your food).

The Kansas Kracker