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What better way to start off a post on liberal lunacy than to mention one of the finest Americans living today, the criminal mastermind Harry Reid:

I for one can believe one of the most honest politicians in America, Harry Reid, would exempt his staff from the panacea known as Obamacare. I wonder why he would punish his staff in this manner if it is so good for us common folk? Would the American public please assist the bureaucraticslave ‘master’ in this matter to equalize the masses? I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart, but I have one and ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid doesn’t and that is what separates the elitist progressives of DC from their subjects.

Michael Cannon, Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy Studies opined that people will revolt based on this administrations lawlessness. What is the law today, after all the law is only to pen in the little people? This administration hasn’t sacrificed one of its own for political purposes and their buddies on Wall Street are swimming in a mud puddle. I love how the left always blame those rascal Republicans and their business friends like the Koch brothers, but the Democrats are just as in bed with big business as the Republicans if not more so and that is the apex of the uniformed ‘average’ Democrat voter. I see, nor hear, nor speak of my hypocrisy in public or amongst friends. This administration or dictatorship if you like, changes the law based on which way the wind blows and not by legislation so why should the average American listen to DC’s decrees? If I’m on a jury and someone pissed off an alphabet soup agency I’d say not guilty on principle alone and so should the rest of my fellow Americans.

That brings us to the shenanigans of the ATF. One would never expect that the IRS would target conservative organization and then no one gets arrested or punished (just a few retirements like Lois Lerner). Not under the most transparent administration in American history could this happen. Since the ATF is involved it makes me think of WACO and all those innocent people the government killed under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, did you know a lot (27 of the 74 government victims were blacks (another 12 were Asian or Latino)? Now we have a rouge ATF who lacks leadership after Janet Napolitano left (excuse me why I vomit), what is next the NSA is spying on Americans or the FBI can look at you via your webcam?

I haven’t heard from Al Gore lately but he must be around because it is as cold as a penguin’s pecker in the Midwest, but also our incompetent prestigiously educated overlords are calling for a global wealth tax to continue their reign. Speaking of Global bullshit, it appears the warming is over, but don’t tell the IPCC and other gov’t scientist whose funding depends solely on taxpayers as not a one can ever point to that big yellow/orange ball of fire in the sky for being the culprit for these fluctuations. After all, if the sun was responsible we couldn’t support lobbyist and scam the working class from their hard earned money with confiscation legislation.

Talking to American’s dilapidated youth today you’d expect the public educated sycophants may turn on their master but not in this case about a young women who wrote a song to praise the benefits of the increased costs of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare ‘Forget about the Price Tag.‘ In the song she says…”you can’t put a price on life,” but I’d say at your local Planned Parenthood (PP), aka Margaret Sanger approved black holocaust provider, it can be done for about $350 and a kickback to the DNC and her infanticide President gets a piece of that action for his retirement. So yes, you can put a price on life as the DNC has been doing that and profiting since about 1918, just ask Kathleen Sibelius (HHS – Hell’s Human Secretary). – Acronyms have many meanings

But on a slightly better note I will leave you with the understanding that the youth may finally be turning on Big “O” and I’m not taking about Oprah. Young people are dumb, as I was there once like all of you, but finally I think they are realizing that government is the problem and not the solution as Obamacare, like Social Security, is a Ponzi scheme where they steal from the young to pay for the old and their votes and then those who promised the young will all be dead by the time the young become old. It is a very vicious cycle but perhaps Obama will become a great president not because of what he did, but because his and the DNC’s policies will finally alienate everyone who is dependent upon the scam known as government. He will become great to all future Americans, either those born domestically or those who came from abroad because he destroyed the DNC, the ASS/Donkey party.  

The Kansas Kracker